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Sampling the souks

Music, yelling, singing, more music, chanting and then the inevitable hustler whispering in my ear, “You want henna”. “Here look”, as I get handed a small photograph album. “Cheap, I’m very cheap”,... [Read More]

Travelling Australia's Outback

Australia – the Outback, the Red Centre, the Never Never, beyond the Black Stump – descriptions of a remote, wild country outside the big cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. A journey from Darwin to Adelaide gives... [Read More]

Stepping back to Dogon time

The overnight visit of the sacred fox will solve the problem. Carefully and deliberately, short sticks and stones are placed in a special arrangement in the ochre earth inside a rock-enclosed rectangle,... [Read More]

A Taste of Morocco

Djellebas are everywhere. In a shaded narrow alley, a man is bent over with his wrinkled face looking down as he carries layer after layer of goatskins on his head. The checks of his green and... [Read More]

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