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The life of the teenager is one of extremes. One minute we're on a high, the next it's a bummer. It's great to be with the gang but so is being on your own to soak in the week's experiences. Fun, frolics, fashions, food, friends, family, future...and did I mention fones...sorry, phones! Drugs, sex and rock'n'roll are there to tempt us too, but they don't match up to a agme of cricket on the beach.

Pensive in pink
Punks kissing
Nice shot Sir
Poor boy
Chatting up
Girl in squat
surf's up
Helping hand
Young couple
Beach fun
Comparing notes
Six happy punks
Boy studying
Boy painting
Girl with chick

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First Published: 1/18/2016

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Caption List:

1. Girl in dingy squat. destitute girl in squalid flat surrounded by the evidence of her gloom

2. A girl's bedroom. A young girl lying on her bed surrounded by a mass of teenage idol pictures

3. Goth girl lying on box. Goth girl lying on box in front of glowing brick wall

4. Pensive in pink. Portrait of a girl in pink sitting on floor in an introspective pose

5. Portrait of a girl solarized. Solarized portrait of a teenage girl in close up

6. Punks kissing. Punks with long hair spikes kissing in city square seen close up

7. The jeans generation. Queue of waiting teenagers showing their lower half emphasising the proliferation of blue denim

8. Teenage girl on phone. Close up of teenage girl on public phone

9. Whirleygig at show. Kids whirling around on show ride seen against a purple sky

10. Riding on a suburban track. Girl riding her bike along a lush and sunny suburban bike track

11. Girl injecting heroin. Girl in untidy squat injecting herself

12. Making a point. Two girls relaxing at the desk during a coffee break to discuss important matters of life

13. Sometimes I sits and thinks.... Pensive teenage boy sitting on floor looking bemused

14. Those were the days. Teenagers scrambling to dive off the pier

15. Skateboarders. Four intrepid skateboarders leaping in unison

16. Lonely and alone. Close view of Asian teenager looking somewhat doubtful and shy

17. Leaping teenager.. X marks the spot of a leaping teenager

18. Nice shot Sir. Showing balance and good style generally, a beach batsman strokes one to the boundary

19. Suburban happiness. Young couple with her head nestling against his shoulder as they enjoy the moment

20. Poor boy. Close up view of orphaned boy in rags looking tired and dejected.

21. Shady character. Multiple views of the one girl peeping over her shades

22. A room of one's own. Teenage girl reading on her bed watched over by her favourite pinups

23. Beach cricketer batting. Teenage beach cricketer taking a mighty swing

24. Close up of a girl. The expression is either one of slight disappointment or wishful thinking

25. Chatting up. Guy chatting up girl at park bench

26. Teenager with metal fatigue. Close view of a teenage girl as she ponders life without metal

27. Girl in squat. Dishevelled girl in squat surrounded by her teenage paraphenalia

28. Girl at highrise. Teenager looking suspiciously and perhaps with contempt at the world outside hers

29. Four boys and a van. Country town boys and their dog hanging around

30. Pop festival crowd. Tired crowd at the Sunbury pop festival

31. Sunbury pop fest. Couples making love not war at the Sunbury pop festival

32. Moratorium demonstrator. Young blond girl making an unusually glamorous image as a protester

33. Isolated in the school corridor. boy sitting dejectedly on floor of the school corridor

34. Yabbying. Two boys yabbying in the shallows of a lake

35. surf's up. Two surfies head off down the beach track in search of a few waves

36. Portrait of a rap artist. Side lit sombre portrait of a young superstar in the making

37. Group of kids in studio. Portrait of four teenagers

38. Three teenage workers. Butcher, mechanic and jockey sit for a group portrait

39. Teenage girl surrounded by posters. Girl sits amid the protection of her idols

40. A boy, his earphones and his breakfast. Perhaps the title should be 'bliss'

41. Boy looking through magnifying glass. Boy looking at the camera through a magnifying glass

42. Teenagers reading the paper. Teenagers discussing article in the newspaper

43. Teenager doing homework. Teenager looks dejected as she sits with earphones on which may or may not relate to her homework set out in front of her. Mum works on in the background

44. Helping hand. Young guy helping girl across stream

45. Young couple. Young couple pose for the camera

46. Young couple in comfy pose. Guy holding his girl in a protective attitude

47. Group jumping in shallows. Group at the beach jumping in the sunset

48. Paperboys. Enthusiastic paperboys at work

49. Teenagers smoking. Teenagers sitting around

50. Gathering of the clan. Group of teens

51. Boy at microwave. Teenage boy's favourite pastime of preparing food

52. Seascouts on the loose. Group of seascouts head off across the lawns

53. Group of teenagers in back street. Happy bunch of teenagers sitting around in a back street

54. Teenagers browsing. Group of teenagers browsing through the newspaper

55. Group of teenagers. Vertical shot of a happy group of teenagers

56. Happy group of teenagers. Horizontal happy bunch of teenagers seated

57. Skylarking. Girl teases two sailors in the city

58. Beach fun. Skimming along the shallows

59. Teenagers relaxing in park. Teenagers relaxing in the park in the late afternoon

60. Comparing notes. Couple of girl students discussing their topic of study

61. Study group at work. Study group at work on a social issue project

62. Boy at computer in his room. Boy working at his computer in his room surrounded by his research

63. Boy at work in his room. Boy surrounded by his research, works on an essay

64. Six happy punks. Six happy suburban punks interrupt their schedule for a group portrait

65. Three teenagers at birthday time. Three teenagers pose for their group birthday portrait

66. Girl showing her tongue stud. Happiness is having a tongue stud

67. Triple teenage birthday. Three teenagers sit at the table each with a birthday cake ablaze

68. Sullen girl with studs. Sullen girl appearing very down as she contemplates her life

69. Young couple in park. Romantic view of a young couple in a park backlit by the late afternoon autumn sun

70. KISS relaxing. KISS members relaxing between gigs with their fans

71. Faces in the crowd. A line of faces in a crowd all concentrating on a common subject

72. Teenagers sitting around. Group of wholesome looking teenagers sitting around in a back suburban lane

73. Boys outside car showroom. Two boys eye the machine of their dreams

74. Boy doing homeworkin his room. Boy deep in thought as he works at his desk on his latest homework assignment

75. Girl lounging in grass. Young girl lounges in the idylic setting of sunlit long grass as she listens to her earphones

76. Teenage girl daydreaming. Teenage girl stares into space as she contemplate who knows what

77. Happy young couple. Happy young couple smiling at each other

78. Serving the oldies. The elderly citizens enjoy the service of a couple of young volunteers

79. Happy teenager portrait. Portrait of na happy teenage student sitting at her desk

80. Girl amid her posters. Teenage girl sits in her room surrounded by the images of her heroes

81. Boy studying. Teenage boy hard at his homework in his room

82. Group of happy teenagers. Crazy gang in the city pose for the camera. Hi Mum!

83. Teenager in his study. Happy teenager sits in his study and relaxes between homework assignments

84. Rock group of the 70s. Rock group of the seventies poster shot

85. Girl in coffee shop. Thoughtful girl in coffee shop gazing out into space

86. Girl at letterbox. Thoughtful girl at letterbox having received that important letter from....

87. Happy couple of teenagers. portrait of a happy teenage couple

88. Boy working at framing table. Young teenage boy works diligently at framing a photograph of himself

89. Boy working at table. Young teenage boy working at drawing a cartoon

90. Boy in front of crazy fairground mirror. Teenage boy performing in front of a distorting mirror

91. Boy in front of crazy distorting mirror. Teenage boy looking at himself in a distorting mirror

92. Boy working at art desk. Young boy at table working on his drawing

93. Mother chatting to teenage son in his room A. Mother stands while chatting to son lounging good naturedly on the floor in his room

94. Mother chatting to teenage son in his room B. Mother kids around with son as they sit chatting in his room.

95. Mother chatting to teenage son in his room C. Mother and son enjoy each other's company as they sit chatting in his room.

96. Boy studying under tree by pond. Boy studying under tree by pond with his reflection clear in the water

97. Students in science class. Two secondary students performing an experiment in a science class

98. Punk showing off his spikey hairdo. Punk with an orange spikey hairdo which mirrors the shape of the architectural background

99. Boy reading under huge gum tree. Boy in park reading under a huge spreading gum tree

100. Teenager with king parrot. Teenager holding a king parrot on his arm

101. Boy painting large canvas. Young teenager painting a large canvas on table in earthy colours

102. Boy painting. Young teenager painting a large canvas on table with brush and palette in view

103. Boy on riverbank with geese. Boy relaxing on a sunny riverbank with a large gaggle of geese

104. Girl with chick. Teenage girl seen in close-up fondling a yellow robin chick

105. Young teenagers with parrots. Young male and female teenagers feeding crimson rosellas

106. Boys window shopping. Teenage boys looking keenly in mobile phone shop window

107. Boys window shopping. Teenage boys looking keenly in mobile phone shop window

108. Girl with newspaper. Teenage girl looking slightly bemused holding newspaper

109. Boy painting large canvas. Teenage boy working on large painting

110. Boy holding carreers section of the newspaper. Teenage boy looking anything but pleased about hi future

111. Girl sitting on floor looking thoughtful. Close view of teenage girl sitting on floor looking thoughtfully at her bag

112. Girl sitting thoughtfully on floor. Close view of teenage girl sitting on floor looking thoughtful

113. Girl reading newspaper. Close view of teenage girl holding a newspaper open at the employment section

114. Girl reading large book. Close view of teenage girl holding a large coffee table book

115. Having fun in the water at the beach. One teenager tosses another into the air as they enjoy their summer holiday at the beach

116. Burting a friend in the sand. Kids at the beach burying one of their number in the sand

117. Couple piggybacking at the beach. Teenage boy carries his girlfriend on his back on a wild ride along the sand

118. Boys on beach with raft. Three boys at the beach prepare their raft under the old swing bridge

119. Four girls at the beach. A group of four girls check out their reflections in the water at the beach

120. Girl and her horse at the beach. Young girl caresses her pony as they enjoy the sandy beach

121. Being buried at the beach. Group of kids at the beach build a sculpture in the sand over their buried friend's body

122. Girls frollicking at the beach. Girls in their sun hats,jumping and waving in the water

123. Boys saltwater fishing. Silhouette of a gang of boys at the end of a days saltwater fishing

124. Deaf boy excelling at basketball. Young deaf boy leaping high above the others in the group to put through a goal

125. Boy looking in mirror. Teenage boy looking at his reflection in the mirror

126. Asian boy mid shot. Mid shot of teenage asian boy

127. Asian boy mid shot. Mid shot of teenage asian boy