Symbolic Environments Photography

Stock Stock Images By Howard Birnstihl


Extensive range of environments including natural and man-made. Beaches, forests, country towns, urban and suburban, crowds, solitude, the wild and the sublime. Affluent and poor, old and new,with an emphasis on the symbolic. Skies, roads, footprints, tracks, the bush, the land all showing the effects of time and the weather.

Barbed Wire
Bush shack
City skyline
Australian icon
Forest track
Farmyard tap
Better days
Crowded beach
Footy crowd
Empty city.
Dead cow
Rubbish pile
Rubbish drum
Whaling Station
wimming pool
farm junk
surf's up
Lone chimney
Eroded hillside
Police at work
Gas storage
Pastoral scene
Pastoral scene
Poster stand
Cobbled lane
Cattle sale
Bus stop
Ivy tower
Helping hand
In the dry
Bush tucker
Sails at dusk
Hanging droplet
Desert sands
Artist's studio
Sailors aloft
Burning off
Rainforest path
Red Ironbark
Cattle muster
Lake Mungo
Hot sunset
Foggy forest B
Foggy forest A
Lush rainforest
Seals on rocks
Jungle mural
Sports crowd
Beach crowd

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First Published: 1/17/2016

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Caption List:

1. Sunset through the aniseed. Glowing mystical sunset through the soft images of aniseed plants

2. paw prints in the sand. dog's paw prints in the sand at the beach

3. Genteel masculine table setting. Table top still life of genteel masculine items

4. Back lane grating. Highly sculptural image of cobblestoned back lane with run off leading to metal grate

5. Couple crossing waterfall. Guy helping girl over the rocks in front of waterfall

6. Lone batsman walking off. Lone West Indian batsman walking off MCG

7. Red dirt country road. Dead straight red dirt country road in the outback Northern Territory

8. Barbed Wire. Close-up of rusted barbed wire

9. Blood in the streets.

10. Bush shack. Isolated shack hidden away among the wattles in in the Aussie bush

11. Regrowth after bushfire. Regeneration of gum sapling among many blackened trunks after bushfire

12. Farm scene with old cart. Typical dry grass country with old broken down cart under large gum

13. Slums and highrise flats. Inner suburbia with slums in the foreground and highrise flats forming the background

14. Couple on seat at beach. Couple on bench seat at beach surrounded by gulls looking out over a brooding sea

15. Tree roots splitting cobblestones. Footpath damage due to tree roots growing and expanding

16. Old Holden in back lane. Closer view of old red FX Holden in back lane

17. City skyline. Smoggy city skyline seen from suburbia

18. Australian icon. Old fx model Holden in back lane

19. Muddy tyre tracks. Sculptural mass of tyre tracks in churned up mud

20. Fire at chemical plant. Black billowing smoke and fire at depotwith people watching

21. Cumulus clouds billowing. Billowing cumulus clouds at sunset

22. Cigarette butts in ashtray. Grotty, smokey pub table with cigarettes,drinks and filthy ashtray

23. Sun in smokey sky. Weak yellow sun seen through orange smokey haze

24. River bend with trees. Trees lining the river at a bend whilst reflecting in the water

25. Forest track. Track through shady eucalypt forest

26. Road through wattle country. Country road lush with silver wattles in bloom

27. Road through burnt out country. Road through blackened countryside devestated by fire

28. Suburban comfort. Comfortable suburban housing snuggling into the hillsde with surrounding trees

29. Dust clouds over Melbourne. Sky filled by immense dust storm as it blots out the background of city buildings

30. Farmyard tap. Cobwebs on old tap on tankstand

31. Australian paddocks. View of dry fenced paddocks recently mown

32. Better days. Remnants of an old farm fence as a reminder of better days

33. Suburban view thru curtains.. A view of inner suburbia comprising of single houses and high rise flats seen through the curtains

34. Picnic in the top end.. An aboriginal family sits around their fire as they sit in the sparse shade of a paperbark and wait for the meal to cook

35. Highway thru country town.. A highway vanishes off into the distance as it splits a country town in two

36. Dingy back alley.. Looking down a long narrow alley lined with all sorts of service pipes and rubbish bins

37. Bananas and oranges at the market.. Looking along the front fruit stall of the market with the late afternoon sun bringing out the brilliant colours

38. Crowded beach. Densely packed beach at Lorne

39. Footy crowd. Packed footy crowd at the MCG

40. Drying lake with cracked mud. Central Victorian lake in summer with little water, dead and dying trees and cracked dried mud

41. Empty country town. Row of shops along the edge of a deserted country road

42. Country town shops. Street in country town showing shopfronts and cars parked in front

43. Cleaning up around the farm. Farmer and small son cleaning up old junk and loading it into a trailer

44. Wood stack outside farmhouse.. stack of sawn wood outside an old timber farm house

45. Rocks covered in green lichen.. Rocks at the beach covered in bright green lichen

46. Riverbank erosion.. Trees high on a river bank with their roots dangling out in space as a result of extreme erosion

47. Desert with skull in foreground.. Sandy desert fringe with a sign of what fate may have in store for anyone adventurous enough to proceed.Land that once was able to support seasonal grazing is now damaged and ready to be blown away.

48. Country tennis match.. Crowd of five watching a country tennis match in the middle of nowhere

49. Lines of sheep in paddock.. Long lines of sheep as they play follow the leader to who knows where

50. Beach wanderer on patterned sand. close view of carefree feet wandering along the patterned sand beside the shallows

51. Sunlit gateway. Bushy gateway invitingly lit by the morning sun

52. Engine room on ship.. Modern ship's engine room showing all the sophisticated controls

53. Empty city.. black and white image of the deserted city of Melbourne

54. Fitzroy Gardens park in autumn. Autumnal view of the elm trees in the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne

55. Dry country silhoette. Weak sun sparkling through the silhouetted trees along the edge of the road in the dry country

56. Boy reflecting in country pool. Young boy sitting peacefully by tranquil pool in the bush

57. Forets fern gully. Lush green treeferns as the understorey of a cool temperate forest

58. Fenceline. Long fenceline snaking across a large dry paddock

59. Ground litter in damp forest. Laf litter including lichen on the floor of a damp slerophyl forest

60. Anthill in the NT. Man standing near and observing a huge ant hill in the Northern Territory

61. Wall posters . Girl walking on footpath alongside huge advertising hoardings

62. Bonfire close up. Close view of the flames of a bonfire

63. Blue Lake Mt Gambier. Intensley blue lake showing the cliff edge with dwelling

64. Dead cow. Dead Friesan cow at the edge of a salt lake in Victoria's Mallee.

65. Clear felling ball & chain. enormous iron ball & chain used in land clearing to drag down forest trees.

66. Aerial view of Kalkaringi NT . Kalkaringi NT viewed from the approaching aeroplane.

67. Franz Joseph Glacier. New Zealand Glacier with people showing the scale. 1970 view.

68. Bella Donna lillies emerging after forest fire. Regeneration after a bushfire in the form of chirpy pink lillies

69. Irrigating a lettuce crop. Rows of lettuces in a Victorian market garden being watered

70. Road signs with bullet holes. Road signs on a country highway with the obligatory bullet holes

71. Port Cambell, Australia : London Bridge. London Bridge as it was before it collapsed near Port Campbell on Victoria's Ship Wreck Coast

72. Rubbish pile. Pile of plastic and glass containers ready for recycling

73. Rubbish drum. Rusted cans in a drum of sludge

74. Churned up mud with tyre tracks . Old timber mill with a churned up muddy foreground a maze of tyre tracks

75. City traffic jam . Traffic jam in a Melbourne stree in the 1980s

76. Whaling Station. Whaling station in WA in the 1960s

77. Lush roadside bush. Lush roadside bush in a wet rainforest in the Otways in Victoria

78. Genteel lady's table . Morning tea for the aristocratic woman

79. Caravan park swimming pool. Swimming pool at a caravan park

80. wimming pool. Swimming pool surrounded by shady palms

81. Stuffed ashtray. Aerial view of a stuffed ashtray

82. Woman at waterhole. Woman standing pensively by the water in the dim light of the forest

83. Wolfe creek crater. Impact site of a meteor in outback Australia

84. farm junk. Years of accumulated farm junk in an old dry creek bed

85. Country rail siding & silo. Lonely, quiet, deserted railyard in a remote Victorian country town

86. Remote farmhouse. Remote farmhouse with the obligatory windmill

87. Lake with dead trees. The remains of a drowned forest

88. Tankstand with windmill. Australian farming icon of old rusty water tank with the ubiquitous windmill

89. Girl at highrise. Teenager looking suspiciously and perhaps with contempt at the world outside hers

90. The back room. Old statuette amid the debris of the past

91. Pop festival crowd. Tired crowd at the Sunbury pop festival

92. Isolated in the school corridor. boy sitting dejectedly on floor of the school corridor

93. Fruit and veggies Vic Market. Girl tending the fruit and vegetable stall at the Victoria Market

94. Packed beach at Elwood. Packed beach showing the crowd filling every available spot

95. surf's up. Two surfies head off down the beach track in search of a few waves

96. Affluence and under the influence. Wealthy woman with poodle passes without noticing the unconscious form of a homeless man in the alley

97. Mum with the luggage. Mum sits and minds the 'umpteen' suitcases at the station as she juggles her children and whatever else she has to do

98. Winter highway. road through the snowy mountain country

99. Old man in his shed. Old man working in his cluttered workshop surrounded by his past

100. windmill. lone windmill stands out as a symbol of outback farming as the sun fades from the sky

101. Lone chimney. All that's left of an old farm house is the chimney

102. Eroded hillside. Water course eroding an ugly gash on the side of the hill

103. Police at work. Night scene of police being directed by a witness to the scene of the crime

104. Wet city at night. City at night with cars vying for space with trams

105. City at night. city streets on a wet night

106. City at night with rainbow. Bright sky over city at night with the added attraction of a rainbow

107. Playing Pool H. One player watches from the background as the other makes a vital shot

108. Summit conference for one. Climber sitting proudly on the peak of a rocky hill

109. Family around fire. Family passing the time doing nothing in perticular as they gather around a small bonfire in the street

110. Melbourne trams seen through leaves. A couple of trams amid the traffic of a Melbourne street

111. Road train thundering along. Heavily laden road train in the top end herbing along

112. Kids on salt pan. Salt pan in north central Victoria

113. Suburban back alley. colourful and texturous back alley which is cold and damp yet strangely enticing

114. Wet night street with light traffic. Lone car travels the wet dark gloomy roadway home

115. Wet deserted roadway at night. Cold lonely suburban street at night

116. Suburban street at night. Suburban street corner on a wet night

117. Back alley at night. Dark wet poorly lit back alley looking about as uninviying as a place could be

118. Gas storage . Gas storage tanks seen from the air

119. Gas storage tank. Global shaped storage tank

120. Oil rig and supply ship. Aerial view of oil rig and supply ship

121. Oil refinery from the air. Oil refinery on the coast as seen from above

122. Oil rig in harbour. Oil rig in harbour in dramatic light

123. Grey kangaroo in the bush. Old man kangaroo looks inquisitively at the viewer as it holds itself erect and stands stock still

124. picture research. bright young lady sits on her stool with note pad surrounded by millions of trannies

125. Old man and his cat. Elderly man sits in his loungeroom with his adoring cat perched on his lap

126. Pastoral scene. Sheep graze quietly in the misty landscape of Gippsland

127. Pastoral scene. Sheep graze quietly in the misty landscape of Gippsland

128. Derelict house window. A haunting image of days gone by

129. Teenage girl surrounded by posters. Girl sits amid the protection of her idols

130. Empty poster stands. Pedestrians pass by a huge expanse of wall crying out for posters

131. Poster stand. Posters on circular stand in the city square

132. Girl in bedroom surrounded by posters. Posters of all her idols surround her in a protective cocoon as she reads blissfully on her bed

133. Sydney PO Tower in lightning storm. Sydney Post Office tower in lightning storm

134. Cheering crowd. Footy crowd cheering as the mighties score yet another goal

135. Street violinists. Violinists playing on a suburban footpath

136. Cobbled lane. Cobbled lane looking dingy and uninviting

137. Old cluttered factory. Dingy, crowded, cluttered old factory

138. Cattle sale. Farmers gathered round the sale ring as the next lot of cattle are brought in for auction

139. Boy's first day at school. young boy fishes in his bag as part of the new experience of school

140. Eroded creekbed. Twisted writhing tree roots are displayed in a creek bed in the wake of years of erosion

141. Bus stop . Bus stop you wait we share the sunshine and shadow

142. Boy with stumpytail. Boy in the bush examines a stumpytail lizard which has been sunbaking

143. Road sign with bullet holes. Typically aerated road sign as seen along any country highway

144. Red sea anenome. Red sea anenome waving its tentacles enticing food parcicles into its sphere

145. Teenager in her room. Teenager surrounded by her pop idols

146. Ivy tower. Lone window peers out from its ivy covered wall

147. A girl's dream world. Young girl lying on her bed reading, surrounded by her heroes

148. Helping hand. Young guy helping girl across stream

149. Footy Crowd at Swans match. Crowd of avid Swans fans enjoying the match

150. Laboratory mouse. Mouse on laboratory device

151. Laboratory mice. Two mice being observed in their glass tank

152. Homework. Student, with headphones, doing homework in family room with Mum doing the ironing in the background.

153. Mum reading to the kids.

154. Mum reading to the kids.

155. Buildings reflecting in the Yarra. Early morning view of Melbourne reflecting in the Yarra

156. Melbourne Docklands. Melbourne docklands seen under a swirling blue sky

157. Paperboy. Paperboy on city corner

158. Smoggy factory environment. A hazy view of development

159. Steamy factory. Old fashioned factory environment

160. Smoking chimneys. Smoke belching into the sky

161. Pollution. Smokey chimneys belching smoke into an already heavy atmosphere

162. Dogs in shelter. Group of dogs inside wishing they were outside

163. Water droplet in close-up. Close view of a dangling water droplet showing the reversed image of a suburban backyard

164. Suburban tree sculpture. cropped plain trees make rude gestures at the suburban sky

165. In the dry. Close view of dry cracked mud at the bottom of a dried up outback pool

166. Bush tucker. An aboriginal child holds some bush passionfruits in his hands

167. Brooding landscape. Dark clouds cloak the treed hills of southern Victoria

168. Sails at dusk. A man walks his dog in the warm orange glow reflects in the shallows at the beach at the end of the day

169. Anthill. Anthill in the Northern Territory

170. Winding coastal road. Winding coastal road in southern Victoria

171. Western district colour. Capeweed fill the paddocks of a western district property creating a yellow foreground to the distant blue hazed hills

172. Underweater plant with bubbles. Bubbles clinging to the stem of an underwater plant

173. Jagged inhospitable rocks. Coastal rocks thrusting their jagged edges toward the sky

174. Rocky ribcage. Windworn rocks with yellow lichen

175. Giant Tasmanian tree. Children seated at the base of a giant eucalypt indicate its massive size

176. Kelp on the beach. Masses of brown kelp swirl and writhe in a visual sculpture

177. Girl with pointer map. Girl checking her whereabouts on a bronze pointer location guide

178. Hanging droplet. Droplet suspended on the end of a branch

179. Digging for frogs. Aboriginal women dig in the sand for frogs to eat

180. Aboriginal Woman Collecting food. Australian Aboriginal woman collects food from the local river

181. A chat on the back step. Two old codgers chew the fat as they sit in a shady spot

182. A mass of cattle in the stockyards. A huge herd of cattle congregate at the sale yards in the heat and dust

183. Colourful show scene. People at the show are just part of the busy pattern which meets the eye

184. Bush tucker sweets. Boy chews at a sap bubble as he savers the sweetness of it

185. Family at beach at sunset. Silhouetted family watch the sun go down after a day at the beach

186. Desert sands. Ripples in the sand shimmer under the glowing sun

187. Fireworks over the Yarra. Melbourne at night with the art centre glowing

188. Showtime. Colourful scene at the show

189. Panoramic view of home office. Panoramic view of an office set up in the home

190. Sweet smelling herbs. Young aboriginal girl smells the sweetness of bushtucker herbs

191. Taking refreshment in the river. At midday in the Northern Territory, there's only one place to be and that's in the river.

192. Honey is great bush tucker. Honey is considered one of the luxuries in the bush tucker department

193. Giraffe making house calls. Nosey giraffe pops in to check out the bus travellers

194. Gecko eyeing off its prey. Gecko peers at the silhouette of a mantis in the garden shrubbery

195. Buying friut and veggies. Woman stretches over to receive her purchase of fruit and veggies at the market

196. Foggy Yarra scene. Cyclist rides alongside a misty Yarra as the city looms from the clouds

197. Stumpytail snarling from its hideout. Stumpytail or shingleback lizard is interrupted while forraging for food on the desert fringe

198. Dramatic sunset. Hot sky showing the red orange clouds of a summer sunset

199. Brutally hot desert. The sun blazes through the smokey haze of a harsh desert environment

200. Roof solar panel. Roof solar panel on suburban roof

201. Vegetable market abstract. Sculptural view of pumpkin pieces stacked for sale at the market

202. Truck assembly line. Mass production is alive and healthy in this truck factory

203. Life among the sampans. Asian man stands amid the colourless environment of a mass of sampan houseboats

204. Feeding gulls as the sun goes down. Feeding gulls at dusk

205. Steel foundery. Heat and golden light emerge from the shadows within the foundery

206. Huge control panel. Huge control panel typical of many large industrial sites today

207. Painter at work on a portrait. Charles Bush at work on a portrait in his studio

208. Charles Bush in his studio. Artist Charles Bush at work in his studio in North Melbourne

209. Artist's studio. Close up of artists tools with the artist and her computer in the background

210. Computer artist at work. Computer graphic artist at work in her studio

211. Graphic artist at computer. Graphic artist at her computer

212. Yabbying. Backlit by the spring sun two boys fish for yabbies at the local pond

213. Snail emerges from the sand. A sand snail emerges into the light having travelled for some time subterranially in search of food

214. Kids in bush with stumpytail. Kids in the dry of the Little Desert in Victoria find a stumpytail almost perfectly camouflaged among the ground litter

215. Preparing meals for the masses. Inside a large kitchen a chef lays out dozens of plates of food

216. Guy with telescope. Guy peering through telescope pointed toward the heavens

217. Sailors aloft. Men work high up on the mast of a sailing ship

218. Blacksmith at work. Smithie at work at the anvil surrounded by the clutter of the blacksmith's shop

219. Drab grey city block. Heavy drab and gloomy city block

220. Approaching storm. Black sky looms over the city

221. Old roman bridge. Old roman bridge near Wiltshire

222. Night desert landscape. Stark moon looms over the night desert

223. Science lab bottles. Shelves of mysterious looking bottles line the shelves of a science lab

224. Butterflies in forest. Three blue-winged butterflies in the dappled light of the rainforest

225. Jungle butterflies. Mass of blue-winged butterflies on rainforest plants

226. Empty freeway. Melbourne's eastern freeway in non peak times

227. Cattle dog at work. Cattle dog at work rounding up the cows

228. Burning off. Hot shimmer of burning stubble

229. Aerial view of suburbia. Aerial view of suburban houses showing their grid layout and repetition

230. Aerial view of farmhouse. Aerial view of Queensland property showing the house surrounded by cultivated fields

231. Checking out a sacred site. Old aboriginal man checks out a painting site in the top end

232. Person switching on lamp. person in armchair reading newspaper switching on standard lamp

233. Child shining torch. Child shining torch in darkened room with the beam streaming out ahead

234. Cleaned up waterway. Waterway which was once a filthy cluttered mess is now a free flowing waterway

235. Polluted waterway. Polluted waterway in Melbourne's west

236. Salt lines on beach. Salt left by evaporation on beach

237. Salt line on sand. Salt left by evaporation of water along the edge of a salt lake

238. Child with torch in the dark. Child with torch shining a strong straight beam

239. Wet Street at Night in Europe. Eerie cold and damp night scene in eastern European city

240. Glacier. Tourists rug up against the cold of an ancient glacier

241. Scalloped tidal markings on beach. Aftermath of bushfires in the form of the scallopped ash tidal deposits on beach

242. Sandworm markings on beach. extrusions from a sandworm which has travelled quite some distance beneath the sand in search of food

243. Treelined highway. Highway through a thickly grown avenue of eucalypts

244. Sandworm trails vertical view. Sandworm trails left behind on the sand

245. Rainforest path. Path through a temperate rainforest

246. Rainforest detail. Detail of a lush rainforest environment

247. Red Ironbark. Red ironbark in dry grass country caught in the last of the sun with a storm brewing

248. Couple running along beach. Couple running along deserted beach laughing and holding hands

249. Cattle muster. Cattle muster in the heat of the afternoon

250. Tending the cooking fire. Aboriginal man tends his cooking fire as he checks the beef on the hot ashes

251. Peak afternoon traffic. Bumber to bumper traffic heading home in the late afternoon sunshine

252. Frost-covered blackberry leaf. Red blackberry leaf edged decoratively by the frosty morning's icicles

253. Koala leaning out. Koala leaning out in the search for greener pastures

254. Melbourne in the 1950's. Back lane in Fitzroy in the 1950's

255. Lyrebird horizontal. Lyrebird spreads its tail in a typical mating display

256. The slide show from Hell. An apparently benign couple settle you in for night of slide viewing...millions of them.

257. Cat and mouse at breakfast table. Puss peeps through the breakfast paraphenalia to keenly watch a mouse at play

258. Horizontal seascape. Beautiful seascape with the emphasis on the horizontal patterns in sea land and sky

259. It's raining transparencies. Woman sits among her slide collection amid a hail of trannies

260. Caravanning in the outback. Driving along a lonely stretch of open country road towing a caravan

261. Young boy in sunlit glade. Young boy on bike resting in the glow of a sunlit glade on the edge of a forest

262. Bleak day at the seaside. Mum and two kids brave the wind as they enjoy the rocky beach in winter

263. Construction site. Abstract pattern of construction workers on their site

264. City light abstract. Flinders St Station and traffic at night with the camera zooming in to create a light extrviganzer

265. Printing machine worker. Worker checking the progress of the printing oa the pattern on large rolls of material

266. Kangaroo Island Rocks. Huge boulder split in half by the forces of nature

267. Old aboriginal man being interviewed. Old aboriginal man being interviewed by two journalists high up in the rocks in the NT

268. Polluted pool. Polluted pool with algae, slime and rubbish

269. Bush telegraph. Rocks stacked on roadside post as a sign to the initiated of some event or situation, yhe irony being that the post itself is a sign

270. Patterns of the ebbing tide. Patterns made by the ebb and flow of the waves lapping the shore

271. Young woman in supermarket. Young woman checking the particulars of a product on the shelf of her supermarket

272. Wobbly image of city. City seen through the glass of an old window distorting the image into a wobbly pattern

273. Walkway through forest. Two kids take advantage of the raised blocks as stepping stones along a forest track

274. Girl amid her posters. Teenage girl sits in her room surrounded by the images of her heroes

275. Swamp with dead trees. Dead river redgums stand in a swamp with their predessors lying around them

276. Bush telegraph. Rocks stacked on roadside post as a sign to the initiated of some event or situation, yhe irony being that the post itself is a sign

277. Rainforest details. Flowers, trunks and vines of the tropical rainforest

278. Face in the drain. Cobwebs and ooze form together to look like a forlorn face

279. Farm junk sculpture. Unintentional sculpture produced by farmer stacking his bits and pieces in the old shed

280. Three trees in a forets glade. three trees stand like a tryptic screen in front of a sunlit forest glade

281. Seascape glow at dusk. A long band of cloud glows pink along the coast at dusk

282. Cow and old rusted car in paddock. A hint of days gone by as a cow wanders through a paddock which was once perhaps the site of a homestead

283. Rocky beachscape with children. Masses of rocks make up the beach scene with kids wandering off in the backgound

284. Panoramic misty coast. Misty coast with a long deserted beach

285. Woman sitting at the base of a giant tree. Woman sits on a giant root of a huge tree in the dappled light of the rainforest

286. Lake Mungo sand ripples. A lone branch protrudes defiantly from the rippling sand at Lake Mungo

287. Lake Mungo. Mungo,lake,park,national,'national park',sunny, bright,colour,landscape,scenic,dry,desert, outback,NSW,rocky,ancient,remote,fossils,erosion, dreaming,

288. Lake Mungo late afternoon. The hot colours so typical of the outback gleam in the setting sun at Mungo national park

289. Water-retaining frog. A rare sight of a water-retaining frog as it emerges from its burial to enjoy a short cool and wet spell

290. Tracks in the rippling sand. Tracks across the rippling sand of Lake Mungo

291. Hong Kong Harbour. Crowded Hong Kong Harbour of the 1960s

292. Hong Kong Houseboats. Hong Kong houseboats fill every available space in the Hong Kong Harbour of the 1960s

293. Heroic street portrait posters in China. Typical communist imagery of huge street portrait signs reminding the public of who made it all possible

294. Outback cricketers. Cricketers batting on into the twilight under the looming image of the old windmill

295. Couple tosring each other. Romantic couple toasting each other in front of a warm loungeroom fire

296. Boardwalk at the Mornington Penninsular. Sightseer standing on the wooden steps on the Mornington Peninsular looking out to sea

297. Family at the beach. Dad and toddlers facing the waves

298. Cows posing for the camera. Cows lined up in the green paddock seen through the pines

299. Mornington peninsular pier. Couple strolling out onto the pier in the glow of evening

300. Elderly couple at the beach. Elderly couple sharing the beach with a line of seagulls under a dramatic sky

301. Pelican soaring. Pelican soaring through the bright blue sky

302. Hot sunset. Hot sunset glowing orange red as the sun has almost disappeared

303. Evening sky across the water. Birds flying home to roost across the pink sky of sunset

304. Sun shining through the clouds. Sun shining through the clouds over the coastal waters

305. Seascape at night. Looking out over the sea at night with the moon reflected in the still water

306. Seascape with line of gulls. Line of gulls on beach with highly decorative cloud formation beyond

307. Bushwalking track Mornington. Young couple walking along bush track on the Mornington Penninsular

308. Lush roadside bush. Lush wet rainforest fringe

309. Foggy forest B. Mystical foggy forest

310. Foggy forest A. Mystical opening in a foggy forest

311. Field of fluffy grass. Fluffy grass waving in the wind on the hillside

312. Bushwalking track Mornington. Young couple walking along bush track on the Mornington Penninsular

313. Boy directing police. Night scene of police in the docks area being directed by local boy

314. Gecko in garden on pink flower. Close-up of gecko on pink azalia in the garden at night

315. Sheep at the gate. Sheep wait forlornly at the gate in an outback paddock in the middle of a drought. Many farmers are forced to drove stock off on long journeys along the highways looking for better feed, while they pray for rain.

316. Worn rocks at the beach. weathered rocks covered with orange lichen creating a fabulous abstract sculptural form

317. Sheep in dry country. Vertical image of sheep on hillside during a drought

318. Sheep on dry hillside. Sheep in drought country

319. Sheep in drought. Forlorn sheep wandering through the dusty landscape amid a bad drought

320. Sheep in dry creekbed. Forlorn sheep standing 'waiting for Godot' as the drought worsens.

321. Girl walking past billboards. Billboards on urban street with girl walking past.

322. Relaxing in the dressing room backstage. Catching a quiet moment in the dressing room backstage

323. Crowded make-up room backstage. Hustle and bustle of the crowded dressing room backstage

324. Touching up in the make-up room backstage. Crowded dressing room backstage

325. Beach rocks with gaudy lichen. Bright orange coating of lichen on sea rocks with a dramatic central cross theme

326. Woodpile at old wooden farm building. Old wooden cottages in the country with an impressive wood pile

327. Muddy road through forest. Muddy quagmire of a road through a damp rainforest

328. Boy studying under tree by pond. Boy studying under tree by pond with his reflection clear in the water

329. Young couple in foggy forest. Young couple roaming in a misty pine forest

330. Woman peering from hotel window. Woman seen peering through the venetian blinds of a dingy hotel window

331. Students in science class. Two secondary students performing an experiment in a science class

332. Boy reading under huge gum tree. Boy in park reading under a huge spreading gum tree

333. Choice of direction B. Pattern of white arrows on road indicating a choice of direction for the motorist

334. Choice of direction B. Pattern of white arrows on road indicating a choice of direction for the motorist

335. Choice of direction. high angle view of car speeding along highway with white arrows showing a choice of three different directions

336. Art class in primary school. Junior art class in primary school with the class all working on the environmental issue of saving whales

337. Spilled bird's nest. Fallen bird's nest with broken egg

338. Lush rainforest. Dark, dense,lush leafy rainforest

339. Boy on riverbank with geese. Boy relaxing on a sunny riverbank with a large gaggle of geese

340. Gas cylinders as a pattern. stack of gas cylinders painted bright red and blue

341. Close up of fidler crab. Close view of the claws of a fiddler crab sitting on a mud flat

342. Close up of decorator crab. Close view of the claws of a decorator crab showing its covering of seaweed

343. plant growing through hole in footpath. Weeds growing valiantly through a hole in the asphalt

344. plant growing through footpath. Backlit plant growing valiantly through a cobble-stoned roadway

345. Grass regeneration after fire. Grass regeneration after bushfire

346. Seals on rocks. Seals on rocks along Australian coast

347. Tree reshooting after bushfire. new growth sprouting from gum tree after bushfire

348. Tree shooting after bushfire. Close view of new growth sprouting from gum tree after bushfire

349. Scientist in lab. Female scientist in lab testing chemicals

350. Aboriginal children frollicking in the river. Aboriginal kids having a ball in the local river

351. Having fun in the water at the beach. One teenager tosses another into the air as they enjoy their summer holiday at the beach

352. Child having fun at the beach. Young child jumps wildly as she races around making crazy circles in the sand

353. Couple piggybacking at the beach. Teenage boy carries his girlfriend on his back on a wild ride along the sand

354. Boys on beach with raft. Three boys at the beach prepare their raft under the old swing bridge

355. Huntsman spider with young. Huntsman spider astride her egg sac with a mass of spiderlings milling around her body for protection

356. Triangular spider. Orange triangular spider seen in crisp close-up climbing a grass stalk

357. Couple in restaurant. Young couple having an intimate meal in a quiet restaurant

358. Jungle mural. Large format panoramic mural image of lush tropical leafy growthy

359. Boys saltwater fishing. Silhouette of a gang of boys at the end of a days saltwater fishing

360. Old shack in the bush. Secluded old shack among the sunlit wattles on the edge of the forest

361. Red traffic light on wet city lane. Night view of the dramatic lighting effect of a red traffic light reflecting in the cobblestones of a wet city laneway

362. Sports crowd. Crowded sporting arena as the football fans fill all available space

363. Beach crowd. Crowded beach at high summer, bodies galore

364. Scene through broken window. View out through a heavily vandalized window

365. Mouldy lemon with capsicum. Mouldy old lemon with a red capsicum lying on the wet pavement at the Victoria Market

366. Tide marks on beach detail. Close up view of pattern of tidal marks on the sand

367. Tide marks on beach. Pattern of tidal marks on the sand