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Lhasa is the capital of Tibet. This group of photos captures the aspects of the city that focus on the people, the Buddhist culture and the buildings associated with the Buddhist faith. Lhasa is a city of wonders and is the object of devout pilgrimage. The Potala Palace and Jokhang are two prominent sights but there are many places and people that catch the eye and interest. The city has 3 koras (pilgramage circuits), the Nangkhor, Barkhor and Lingkhor. There are many other Bhuddist temples.

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First Published: 3/8/2016

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Caption List:

1. The Potala palace reflected in the lake. The Potala palace dominates the city skyline. From a vantage point in a local park the imposing building reflects in the still waters of a lake, Lhasa, Tibet (ref:B040_098)

2. Entrance to Potala palace, Lhasa Tibet. After a long climb up the hill you are rewarded with your first view of the Potala palace with the imposing entrance (ref:B040_070)

3. Roof Inside Potala palace, Lhasa Tibet. The roof inside the Potala palace is decorated with interesting articles and shimmers in the bright Tibetan sun (ref:B040_060)

4. Inside Potala palace. From the roof of the Potala palace you can see the surrounding hills of the Lhasa valley (ref:B040_059)

5. Inside Potala palace, Lhasa Tibet. Bold material drops protect and decorate inside Potala palace (ref:B040_057)

6. Inside Potala palace, Lhasa Tibet. It is easy to get very disoriented in the many passages and walkways inside the Potala palace (ref:B040_050)

7. Woman and child infront of stall in Barkor, Lhasa. The streets around the Barkor square have many stalls selling Tibetan wares. The owner of the stall posed with her child infront of the stall (ref:B040_019)

8. Tibetan man doing kora at Jokhang temple, Lhasa. The Jokhang temple in Lhasa is a central point for Tibetans. This Tibetan man and his friend were doing a kora at Jokhang temple but were stopped by curiosity as to what we were taking photos of (ref:B040_016)

9. Tibetan woman, Lhasa Tibet. Every morning many Tibetans dress in their finery and pay a visit to the Potala Palace (ref:B040_085)

10. Tibetan woman in finery. Tibetan woman in her finery as she walks up the steep path to the Potala palace(ref:B040_077a)

11. Tibetan man at Barkor. The people of Tibet are very friendly and were happy to stop and smile whenever you asked for a photograph, Barkhor square(ref:B040_090)

12. Prayer wheels on inner Kora of Jokhang. The Jokhang temple has an inner and an outer kora, the prayer wheels are on the inner Kora of Jokhang.(ref:B040_105)

13. Debating monks at Sera Monastery, Lhasa Tibet. Each day at a set time young monks of Sera Monastery hone their debating skills and knowledge about the buddism. The monk standing claps loudly as he challenges those sitting with a question on aspects of the buddist faith, the head monk listens in(r

14. Ganden Monastery, Lhasa Tibet. Ganden Monastery is situated on top of a hill just outside Lhasa. The drive there is along a winding road with many hairpin bends. The sounds of the monks chanting float out as you approach the main buildings(ref:B040_144)

15. Prayer flags at Ganden Monastery. The Ganden monastery has two kora circuits, an inner one and an outer one. At the start of the longer outer kora, prayer flags adourn the path and flutter in the breeze(ref:B040_149)

16. Budda carving on drive from Airport to Lhasa. The first image you see of the buddist faith is on the drive from the Airports to the city of Lhasa, the Budda carving in a rock wall is festooned with prayer flags (ref:B040_014)

17. Budda carving on drive from Airport to Lhasa. A close up of the Budda carving which is carved into a rock wall on the drive from Airport to Lhasa, Tibet (ref:B040_010)