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A New Gallery: Mossman Gorge, Far North Queenland

Posted: 2/27/2017 8:33:51 PM   Page Views: 138   Comments:

I've just posted a new lightbox to my website. Mossman Gorge, Far North Queenland is a set of Travel Stock Photography suitable for a variety of commercial purposes.

A visit to the Mossman Gorge not only promises breathtaking scenery, extraordinary wildlife and lush rainforest, it also offers the opportunity to learn about the rich cultural heritage that links the people of the region to the land. The Kuku Yalanji people are the Indigenous inhabitants of the land and have a history dating back 50,000 years to the earliest human occupation of Australia. They are true rainforest people, living in complete harmony with their environment. It is part of them and

Mossman Gorge, Far North Queenland Stock Photos

Please take a moment to look them over, leave your comments and if I can assist in any way, please do let me know.