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A new lightbox: Boodjamulla, Lawn Hill Gorge Natio

Posted: 3/9/2017 6:18:15 PM   Page Views: 379   Comments:

I've just posted a new set of photos to my website. Boodjamulla, Lawn Hill Gorge National Park is a lightbox of 27 Travel Photography that could be useful for a variety of users.

Lawn Hill National Park is one of Queensland's most scenic national parks. Situated within the remote north-west highlands of Queensland, the park features spectacular gorge country, sandstone ranges and World Heritage fossils. Boodjamulla lies on ancient sandstone of the Constance Range, between the Barkly Tablelands to the south-west and the black soils of the Gulf Savanna Plains to the east. Lawn Hill Creek and the Gregory and OShanassy rivers flow all year round.

Boodjamulla, Lawn Hill Gorge National Park Photography

Please look them over and if you think you might be able to use them, please do let me know.