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A New Gallery: Small songbirds one of them is the

Posted: 3/19/2017 11:53:38 PM   Page Views: 488   Comments:

I've just published a new set of photos to my stock catalogue. Small songbirds one of them is the Yellow Warbler. is a lightbox of Birds Images that could be useful for a variety of users.

One of the first colorful songbirds to visit Utah in the spring is the Yellow Warbler this little bird no larger than 5 inches tall is common in almost every state in the United States in the summer months you can find them by almost any body of water in Utah we first see them around creeks and streams while the spring time plant colors have not yet arrived this little yellow bird always brings hope that summer is coming it is one of the first songbirds to return after the cold winter and it sings nonstop almost like its calling for spring to arrive.

Small songbirds one of them is the Yellow Warbler. Stock Photography

Please look them over and if you think you might be able to use them, please do let me know.