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Isle of May razorbills

Posted: 6/27/2017 4:16:36 PM   Page Views: 988   Comments:

I've just posted a new lightbox to GlobalEye Stock. Isle of May razorbills is a set of 24 Bird Photos and the second in a series of lightboxes on the bird life of the Isle of May in the Firth of Forth, Scotland.

As one of the rarest auks in the world, the 2500 breeding pairs of razorbills (Alca torda) on the Isle of May are an important stronghold for this species. They are the closest living relative of the extinct great auk (Pinguinis impennis). Razorbills only come ashore to breed, spending most of their time at sea, diving up to 120m to feed on small fish. They pair for life and lay a single egg each year, although less than 70% of chicks survive to fledgling on the Isle of May. In fact, during a recent visit, I witnessed a newly fledged razorbill predated from the water by a greater black-backed gull and smashed repeatedly on the rocks. Nature can be cruel, but that is life!

Isle of May razorbills Photography

Please take a moment to look at the images, and if I can help in any way, please do let me know.