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The fields I work in most often I would describe as Nature and Tourism but I have a wide variety of interests that I incorporate into my photography. I like to combine my love of travel and photography with nature being my main focus, although it is impossible not to appreciate and capture the amazing architecture I have encountered in my travels. I believe the images I create aren’t easily replicated due to the environmental location and unique subject matter I am able to capture.

No formal training, just 5 years hands-on experience and a passion for my field of travel and capturing the amazing natural world encountered in different locations
before a trip to India which allowed me to finally have full
control of the images I was capturing. I did have a mentor in a work colleague named Roy Donaldson, who had previously been a professional press photographer in the UK. Roy explain the technical aspects of photography and critiqued my work, which has been instrumental in the quality of images I am able to achieve.I live in south Western Australia which gives me access to a wide range of landscapes and wildlife.

I have a wide range of interests that I am able to incorporate into my photography of which include, scuba diving, astronomy, travel and camping to name a few.

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