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Guilin, China
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Looking for travel images covering local people, contemporary visitors, significant buildings & landmarks, markets & street stalls, iconic activities etc. In particular, looking for images that capture the various experiences that visitors can expect as well as shots that convey something of what it's like to live there.

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Resources Link: Shanghai China Trip Advisor

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1. Yangshuo, Guangxi, China. The pictured is the main and the oldest West Street. It is colourful, full of cafes and shops and at times also tourists who arrive there by boats, buses, cars or taxis. Yangshuo is a clean and quiet town that attracts individual travellers who wish to enjoy various aspects of the local countryside.

2. Smoked meats, Guangxi, China. The image of various smoked meats was taken in the mountain village near Guilin.

3. A wedding dance, Guangxi, China. The Yao women from the village of Huangluo perform a wedding dance for tourists.

4. Morning exercises, Guilin, China. The groups of women and men can be seen early in the morning performing the Tai Chi exercises in many parks and squares of Guilin.

5. Portrait of a man, Daxu, Guangxi, China. A photo of this man was taken on the main street in Daxu.

6. Dragon Fruit, Guilin, China. Native of Mexico, Central and South America this beautiful fruit is a favourite in many Asian countries and Australia. It has a delicate refreshing taste and contains many nutrients. This image was taken at the Guilin market.

7. Cooking chillies, Zhuang Village, China. This photo was taken in the Guangxi region of China.

8. Longji rice fields, Guangxi, China. The spectacular Longji rice terraces cover the mountain ridges stretching for about seventy square kilometres.

9. The Yulong River, Guangxi, China. The pictured is the Yulong River, a tributary of the Li River and another tourist attraction. The river valley is a fertile agricultural area producing rice and citrus fruits.

10. Daxu, Guangxi, China. The two kilometre long street in Daxu is the oldest part of the town. Many buildings pictured here are over three hundred years old.

11. Rambutans, Guilin, China. This image was taken in one of the nature parks in Guilin where the fruit was sold to public in such bunches. Rambutan is an ancient fruit originating in the jungles of Malaysia.

12. The Yao houses, Guangxi, China. The pictures are the houses are made of wood and bamboo in the mountain village of Huangluo.

13. The Li River, Guangxi, China. The Li River and the karst mountains rising on both its sides are the major tourist attractions in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in China. This unique landscape inspired Chinese artists for centuries.

14. The Crown Cave, Guilin, China. Underneath a crown shaped mountain lays the enormous cave (partly open to the public). The stalagmites and stalactites may often be illuminated by the colourful lights creating a strange painting-like underworld.

15. Guilin, China. Early in the morning the wide streets are free from heavy traffic and it is easier to explore the area.

16. Chillies, Daxu, Guangxi, China. The sacks of chillies are being sorted out in preparation for further processing.

17. Yangshuo, Guangxi, China. Selling fruits on at the less busy end of West Street.

18. A bridge, Guilin, China. The pictured is a pedestrian bridge over the Li River waters located in the park in the centre of the city.

19. The Sun and Moon Pagodas, Guilin, China. The twin pagodas rise from the lake in downtown Guilin. They are both decorated in a traditional Chinese way. There is an eighteen metres long aquarium that connects them under water. Along the edge of the lake is a picturesque walk enjoyed by all.

20. Luohan guo fruits, Guilin mountains, China. Markets and food stalls often sell sacks or nets of the intriguing brown balls. It turned out these were fruits much sweeter than sugar and have been used in their native southern China as sugar substitute, also in medicine. The sweet flesh can be eaten while the shell makes a delicious tea.