Architecture In London

A collection of my best architecture and Cityscape photos I have taken in London. I consider the city as Architectural Photographer paradise. Having that variety of the old classic buildings to the modern glassy towers will inspire any Architecture Photography enthusiast.

Westminster pedestrian Tunnel in London. The inspiring tunnel is an easy to use frame for the Westminster Bridge and the iconic Big Ben tower.

St. Paul’s Cathedral Entrance. Greatness of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. The Entrance statue is exactly centered between the gate columns. It was nice that lighting conditions helped capturing the grateness of the place.

The Tower Bridge and City Hall. Blue hour is usually a good time for architecture photography, especially when buildings are full of orange & yellow lightened windows. I wanted to show the contrast between the Old and Modern architecture in the place.

The Modern London Architecture. It was a nice opportunity to find such an awesome twilight lights with a small boat passing in front of the buildings.

Modern Architecture in London. This is a manipulated processing that meant to show two different styles of modern buildings reflected on each others.

Millennium Bridge to The Cathedral. Almost everywhere in London you can see that interaction between Old and Modern Architecture. Here, the Millennium Bridge drives you to the iconic St. Paul Cathedral.

Big Ben. Big Ben in Architecture fine art. This is a manipulated processing that meant to show the greatness of the Big Ben.

Composing the Shard tower in a geometric way from the far side of River Thames. The photo shows the effect of lighting on the geometrical shapes of the architecture in the area.

Calmness during a silver toned afternoon in the Westminster Bridge. The Long exposure shot helped to explain the serenity I felt while taking the shot.

The Tower Bridge and Fountain. A beautiful fountain on the side of River Thames. Capturing here the fountain with two iconic architectures, Tower bridge and The Shard.

Old and New Architecture in London. The modern London architecture as appears through the iconic Tower Bridge. Aimed to have contrast between the Old and New architecture.

Architectural Beauty Revealed in More London area … Used the handrail and the curved stairs as leading lines to the scene.

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