Birds Of Australia… How Many Can You Identify?

A variety of small to medium sized Australian birds, including very rarely seen red headed form of the Gouldian Finch, Bee Eater, Dollar Bird, Spangled Drongo, Yellow Honeyeater, Lorikeets, Wompoo Fruit Dove and more…

Gouldian Finch – Red headed – rare bird – Erythrura gouldiae. The rarely seen red headed form of the Gouldian Finch.

Gouldian Finch – Red headed – rare bird – Erythrura gouldiae. A rare sighting.

Satin Flycatcher – female – Myiagra cyanoleuca
Small pretty bird which searches trees for insects and flutters its tail when landing on branches.

Rainbow Bee-eater – Merops ornatus. Flies like a swallow with harlequin coloured wings. Known appropriately as the Rainbow Bird.

Chestnut-breasted Mannikin – Lonchura castaneothorax. A very pretty bird, often visits gardens but prefers open grassland.

Dollar Bird – Eurystomus orientalis. Often perches in prominent places such as high tree branches, power lines etc. In flight a characteristic white spot is seen on the underside of the wings.

Yellow Honeyeater – Lichenostomus flavus. Inhabits coastal forests and woods, mangroves and gardens. Located northeastern regions of Queensland.

Spangled Drongo – Dicrurus bracteatus. A distinct fish-tail shaped tail, the Spangled Drongo are located at the edges of woodland and open land with mature trees.

Golden-headed Cisticola – Cisticola exilis. Inhabits long grassed land and rushes, often close to water. Almost constantly vocal.

Wompoo Fruit-Dove – Ptilinopus magnificus. Spectacularly colourful dove, year round resident in rainforests and woodland, where fruiting trees are plentiful.

Rainbow Lorikeets – Trichoglossus haematodus. Seen here at a suburban garden feeder.

Budgerigar – Melopsittacus undulatus.
Budgies in outback Northern Territory, perched in a tree, resting and preening before drinking at a nearby waterhole.

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