Burrowing Owls Small Ground Owls Most People Don’t See

The Burrowing Owl a small but strong owl hunts mice and voles also insects like grasshoppers. This owl uses deserted burrows of other mammals to raise their young in they can be found in almost any type of field. In the month of April they start working their way back into the Utah area where they spend the summer and the easiest way to locate them is to watch the fence lines around open fields they use the fence posts to gain a higher advantage watching for predators and also to locate food.

Burrowing Owl 5070 ( Speotyto cunicularia ). Burrowing Owl hovers in the wind watching the ground for mice.

Burrowing Owl Adult Pair 3141 ( Speotyto cunicularia ). An Adult pair of Burrowing Owls takes a break from the dutys inside their burrow with their young owlets.

Burrowing Owl Adult 9582 ( Speotyto cunicularia ). An Adult Burrowing Owl standing in the tall grasses in the west desert of Utah.

Burrowing Owl Adult 4675 ( Speotyto cunicularia ). Burrowing Owls are always on the lookout for mice and insects especially grasshoppers.

Burrowing Owl 9567 ( Speotyto cunicularia ). A Burrowing Owl and one of its Owlets stands outside of their burrow surrounded by green prairie grasses.

Burrowing Owl 9556 ( Speotyto cunicularia ). The Burrowing Owl a small ground dwelling owl always can be found on fence posts close to their burrows.

Burrowing Owl 6067 ( Speotyto cunicularia ). An Adult Burrowing Owl is spending a little time in the sun after attending to its young in its burrow.

Burrowing Owl 5064 ( Speotyto cunicularia ). Burrowing Owl can be found perched on anything that gives them a better view into their hunting grounds.

Burrowing Owl 4679 ( Speotyto cunicularia ). Burrowing Owls use ground dens they dig out in the spring or old burrows from other animals and use them to raise their young.

Burrowing Owl 4583 ( Speotyto cunicularia ). This Burrowing Owl has picked a perch on top of sagebrush next to an alfalfa field.

Burrowing Owl 3076 ( Speotyto cunicularia ). When the vegetation grows tall the Burrowing Owl a ground owl will use anything to stand on to gain an advantage in there favor.

Burrowing Owl 2135 ( Speotyto cunicularia ). Burrowing Owl found perched on a wooden fence post in the west desert of Utah.

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