Coyote Adults And Pups And How They Live.

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Coyote in Utah they live in the west desert area and in urban farmlands and also the Rocky Mountains that stretch through the state. This predator is not well received by the farming community that raises livestock and are trapped and hunted especially in the spring when new calves are born.
In the mountains the Coyote is strong enough to take down young deer and elk along with rabbits and rodents. They raise their young in dens which they have dug out in hillsides and farming ditches.

Coyote 8250 ( Canis latrans ). A young Coyote pup learns to feed itself hunting mice and voles.

Coyote 8236 ( Canis latrans ). Just out of the den and on its own this Coyote pup is learning the ins and outs of staying alive.

Coyote 7820 ( Canis latrans ). A young Coyote pup out on its own explores the edge of a wheat field.

Coyote 6546 ( Canis latrans ). Coyote travels during a heavy snowstorm.

Coyote 6396 ( Canis latrans ). Coyote out on the hunt for mice and voles you can see by his nose he has been probing the snow.

Coyote 6386 ( Canis latrans ). Adult Coyote searches the sagebrush and snow for mice.

Coyote 6379 ( Canis latrans ). Adult Coyote on the prowl makes its way through the sagebrush.

Coyote 6354 ( Canis latrans ). Coyote in the middle of the day quietly moves through the sagebrush.

Coyote 3089 ( Canis latrans ). First of August and a Coyote wander through the dry grasses of the west desert in Utah.

Coyote 2010 ( Canis latrans ). Coyote is one of the silent and curious predators in the forest.

Coyote 2003 ( Canis latrans ). An adult Coyote watches the ground around fallen trees for mice and voles.

Coyote 1383 ( Canis latrans ). Coyote crosses an open meadow something has caught its attention.

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