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In case you missed it, this website is a new face for an existing stock library that’s been around for quite a while. In fact, our original website, OzImages, was one of the very first online stock libraries. This was 1998 and it might even have been the first, but back then we too busy to pay too much attention to that sort of thing!

At the time we were a small group of photographers who didn’t like the direction the stock photography industry was headed and the way photographers were being treated. We figured we could do a better job on our own so our photographer’s co-op approach to stock was born.

It turns out things have gotten a whole lot worse for independent photographers since then, and our business model and web platform have evolved to address that, and these days our services more in demand than ever.

What’s particularly telling is, in an industry that’s dominated by a few big corporate players… fighting it out among themselves to see who can give images away the cheapest… we still get a steady stream of new photo buyers coming through, obviously looking for more than a mediocre image at  the cheapest price.

These are usually professional photo buyers who appreciate quality and creativity, and who realise that if they want continued access to that sort of material, then the photographers who create it need to be supported.

So if that sounds like you, I’m glad you found us and thanks for your interest… please dive right in with a photo search here or you can check out some of the inspiring browse options here.

And if you’re a photographer, you can check out our contributor information here.

Why Multiple Websites For The Same Image Collection?

About 2010 we launched GlobalEyeImages as a new brand for the existing company, to better reflect our international nature. Originally we were a small group of Aussie photographers, but that didn’t last long. Our Clientele has always been ‘international’ and our membership stopped being mostly Australian almost as soon as we started.

By then OzImages was a valuable brand in it’s own right and we didn’t want to lose that, so we decided to operate both websites, side by side. The dual site approach actually worked so well, each catering to a different niche of the market and offering it’s own unique feel, that we added a couple more sites after that.

We now operate a network of stock libraries and specialty photography websites, representing hundreds of photographers in dozens of countries. At times it’s almost too big, keeping us so busy in the day to day, that often the more important ‘big picture’ stuff gets put on a back burner…

We’ll this new website is one way we can ‘catch up’ fast and get out in front again!

It’s allowed us to take our time and completely update our stock library platform without interrupting access to our ‘live’ websites. Now that it’s done, we’ll also be able to incorporate all the improvements into our other stock library platforms as well. Each of these sites is designed to offer a unique feel for our users, and shortly they’ll all be back offering the same high level user-experience as well.

And one unexpected advantage of this multiple website approach for our photographers is that it provides a lot more ‘stability’ in the volume of traffic we get from the major search engines, especially Google.

Anyone who’s been on the nasty end of a Google Algorithm Update will know all too well how that can impact a website’s traffic. With our multiple stock library websites, we’ve been able reduce their impact significantly, and these days if one website does take a hit, we usually find the others pick up the slack and then some.

So that’s about “where we’re at” and why we’re launching this new website.

Now that you’re here, Photographer or Photo Buyer, please take your time, have a good look around, get a feel for what we do differently and why we do it…

And if that makes sense to you, please be sure to give us a share on your social media accounts before you move on!





GlobalEye Stock Website
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