Life In Morocco's High Atlas Mountains

Morocco's High Atlas Mountains can be a harsh and desolate place, yet for many centuries the Berbers have called it home. They have adapted their life to this environment with the valley rivers and streams, fed from melting snow, providing the life blood. These photographs will give an idea of the environment and the Berber lifestyle there.

Morocco's Mount Toubkal, or Jebel Toubkal, is the highest mountain in north Africa at 4167 metres. Located in the High Atlas Mountains the summit can be readily reached with only winter ascents requiring specialist equipment.

Berbers, the traditional inhabitants of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, have used terraces such as these for centuries in their agricultural production to maximise productivity and to prevent erosion.

Hiking in the High Atlas Mountains near Imlil is a great way to explore Morocco and learn about the traditional Berber lifestyle. This morning it was made more interesting when we awoke to an overnight snowfall.

These Berber mud houses form a staircase on the mountainsides of the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

In the High Atlas Mountain village of Imesker, not far from Imlil, a curious Berber woman was watching out her upstairs window.

In Morocco's High Atlas Mountains, if mules are not available, people become the carriers as this lady here is with a large load of freshly cut grass. This grass is for the cows kept in the village.

Berber villages in the High Atlas Mountains are built of compressed earth and stacked like staircases on the steep mountainsides. Here children enjoy the sunshine out on the veranda of one of these houses.

In an earthen village house in Morocco's High Atlas Mountains these children were making the most of the early morning sunshine.

Mule saddle detail Mules are an important part of everyday life for the people who live in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They transport goods and people to and from villages along mountain trails where there is no road access.

Kasbah Amerdihl in the High Atlas Mountain foothills at Skoura, the earthen structure has been restored using traditional methods.

At Kasbah Amerdihl in the High Atlas Mountain foothills at Skoura, the Berber caretaker served mint tea then proceeded to entertain everyone with the playing of some traditional music.

In Morocco's High Atlas Mountains is the small village of Telouet. Overlooking it is the slowly decaying ruins of the once grand, Glaoui kasbah. Sometimes the Glaoui brothers who built it are referred to as the Lords of the Atlas.

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Life In Morocco's High Atlas Mountains
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