Seascapes From South Western Australia

The coastline of the south western corner of Australia is buffeted by weather and waves coming in from vast expances of open water in the Indian and Southern oceans. The coastline is made up of rugged rocky shores and peacful white sandy beaches. The weather systems arriving from Antartica bring spectacular cloud formations and wild seas providing viewers with awsome displays of natures power and beauty. Here are a few images from the region that show the beauty and contrasts to be found.

Castle Rock is a rocky outcrop south west of Dunsborough, Western Australia where Geographe Bay ends and the rugged weather worn coastline of Australias far south west begins. This treacherous section of coast from Cape Naturaliste extends south to Cape Leeuwin near the small town of Augusta approximately 100 kilometres away.

Canal Rocks is so named for the canal that runs between the wall of rock in the background and the rocky shoreline. The pounding waves are blocked by the barrier wall some 200 metres long however the canal is a very violent body of water. This canal has long been a favourite of Salmon fishermen.

The rocky coastline south of Cape Naturaliste, Western Australia is very dangerous for rock fishermen as King Waves are common and many people have lost their lives over the years. The deep ocean floor rises quickly only a short distance from shore and the waves often come out of an apparently calm sea just like that seen here.

This lovely quiet beach is well inside the open ocean, protected from the swells by a large group of rocks and rocky reef extending about 200 metres out from the beach. The large boulders visible on the right are known as Elephant Rocks. Elephant Rocks is a popular local swimming beach about 10 kilometres from the town of Denmark on the south coast of Western Australia. Elephant Rocks is also within the William Bay National Park.

This image was taken at Castle Rock beach which is just a few kilometres west of Dunsborough, Western Australia where Geographe Bay ends and the rugged weather worn coastline of Australias south west begins. Popular with swimmers and is a very good spot for Salmon fishing in season.

The setting sun has lit up the sky and clouds with brilliant colours which are reflected on the surface of this small shallow sandy pool. The Indian Ocean is only a few metres away on the left, but the pool is protected from the waves by a rocky embankment typical along this weather-beaten coastline.

The coastline between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia, suffers from strong storms blowing in from the southern Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean. The rocky shoreline here is a few hundred metres behind the protective outer ring of rock which holds back the waves during low tides and rough weather.

Only a kilometre from the southern tip of Cape Leeuwin, the Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean meet, this section of coast really takes a battering from large seas and frequent storms year-round.

Moonlight on a rarely calm Southern Ocean provides fishermen on Perkins Beach west of Muttonbird Island near Albany, with perfect conditions for a nights beach fishing.

Pt D Entrecasteaux, on the far south coast of Western Australia is a rugged and beautiful place. Rarely is a visitor able to get close enough to the edge of these limestone cliffs to capture the beauty of the limestone cliff faces and the amazing ecosystems in such an inhospitable place. Normally the Southern Ocean below is pounding and the wind is howling in from Antarctica far to the south.

The rocky coastline south of Cape Naturaliste, Western Australia and the setting sun combine to provide us with a special view of power and beauty of nature. The waves are calm on this occasion however when it is rough it would be unsafe to get as close as this to the waters edge. Waves five and six metres high would be crashing down where I am standing for this photograph.

Along the 100+ kilometres of coast between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia there are many protected small beaches like this. Here there is a shallow rocky shelf extending for some hundreds of metres out from the sandy beach just north of Sugarloaf Rock.

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Seascapes From South Western Australia
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