Active Children

Children of all ages play alone or with other children or adults. They like to engage in role play and often mimic grown-ups. Their toys can be expensive or they can improvise and make simple ones. Children are often in a world of their own, a fantasy world. When playing,

12 Pictures For 12 Days Of Christmas

As every year Christmas are coming very quickly and who else like kids are waiting for this time of the year the most. For the little ones is a big time and great moments, Spending time with family, Christmas tree, maybe even meeting with Santa Claus all this make them

Old People

I'm a Landscape/Nature and People Photographer. At the moment i live in the Italian part of Switzerland. I travel a lot in Switzerland, Italy, Croatia and Thailand, I have a predilection to photograph old people in their habitual environment. 99-Year-old man. He is the oldest citizens of the village Li 99-Year-old man.

People Stock Photography by Howard Birnstihl

Howard Birnstihl has just posted a new set of People photos. Every person is unique and that fact is clearly demonstrated in this group. Oldies, kids, couples, life histories, people at work painting, dancing, sifting for food in the river, relating to each other, mixing the generations