Australia V China Volleyball

Australia v China friendly volleyball match in Brisbane. Images range from action through to celebrations. Luke Perry watching the ball all the way on to his platform.Australia celebrate a big pain after a tough rally.China pass the ball that hit spiked very hard.China celebrate a big point. There tallest play

Motocross Riders In Action.

Motocross is a type of extreme sport, physically demanding and held in all-weather conditions. Races are held on off-road circuit with natural obstacles. Action images, taken on sport events in Astbury and Warmingham tracks near Manchester and Stoke-on-trent, England as part of Cheshire North West Championship. Gallery contains pictures of

Motorcycle Racing Chiang Rai Thailand

I had the pleasure recently of photographing Motorcycle Racing at the 'Chiang Rai Circuit Raceway Mealao', which was built by local motorcycle enthusiast and entrepreneur Jeravut Keawkean. It is located approximately 30km from the city of Chiangrai in the far north of Thailand. The infamous Golden Triangle is only 55km

The Biggest Skate Plaza In Europe.

I live close to Central Forest Park which is the biggest skate plaza in Europe. One day I decided to go there to have a look around with hope that I may meet someone interesting. And indeed I meet there few really talented guys. Skateboarders and rollerbladers. They have made some