Salisbury, Wiltshire

This gallery contains photographs of Salisbury city, Wiltshire, England and the surrounding district. Salisbury is an historic city with a mix of architecture which portrays its growth over the centuries. The city is home to a 13th century cathedral which has the tallest spire in the UK at 404

Old Wodonga Railway Station Restoration.

When the mainline from Melbourne to Sydney was re-aligned so that it no longer meandered through the town it left the station abandoned. It was decided to restore the station and associated structures so that it could be enjoyed by the residents. The station, cloak room and goods shed have

Carnarvon Gorge National Park

Carnarvon Gorge National Park situated in the rugged Central Queensland highland Ranges 720 km north-west of Brisbane. This is a selection of images of the Mickeys Creek Gorge and Wards Canyon area within the National Park featuring Lush Greenery, Towering Sandstone Cliffs,WaterFalls and Narrow Chasm's home to the isolated

Welcome To My World

A small introduction to my images including wildlife, birds, farming, travels and generally everything. Eventually I will publish portfolios specializing in the many different areas of my work.Red Fox Leaping on Prey. Red Fox, Vulpes velpes, hunting and leaping onto small prey, probably a mouse, in a prairie pasture in

Beautiful Images

A nice selection of some of the work we do at Smokestack Images from commercial & industrial to personal projectsBoxer dog on a Scottish Mountain. Vinnie the Boxer looking down from 'Goat Fell' on the Isle of Arran, just off the West coast of Scotland. Goat fell is the highest mountain