The River Tamar And Tamar Valley

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The Tamar Valley is a wide wooded river valley reaching from Bodmin Moor to Dartmoor, from the beaches of East Cornwall, to the towns of West Devon, I live in a small town Called Saltash nestled on the bank of this river, I am blessed with its stunning views, scenery and wildlife and hope to share both the feeling and moods of this outstanding area of natural beauty.

Sunrise over the river Tamar and Tamar bridge.

Tamar Bridge at night with stars

Old Lugger sailing ship

Tamar Bridge from Saltash during an early morning walk along the river.
The Tamar Bridge is a major road bridge at Saltash and Plymouth in southwest England carrying traffic between Cornwall and Devon over the River Tamar. It is adjacent to the Royal Albert Bridge.

Sunrise through a viaduct arch in Saltash.

This vapour trail at dawn in Tamar valley leading directly toward the sun gave me such an urge to pack a case and grab the next flight. Vapour trail, also called Condensation Trail, or Contrail, is a streamer of cloud sometimes observed behind an airplane flying in clear, cold, humid air. It forms upon condensation of the water vapour produced by the combustion of fuel in the airplane engines.

River Tamar taken midstream from the Torpoint Ferry.
Further down stream towards the sea lies the Torpoint ferry crossing. The Torpoint Ferry is a car and pedestrian chain ferry, connecting the A374 road which crosses the Hamoaze, a stretch of water at the mouth of the River Tamar, between Devonport in Plymouth and Torpoint in Cornwall

Snow on the top of Dartmoor. The weather here is notorious and catches many people out who are not properly prepared. This shot is taken from Cornwall looking toward Dartmoor which is an area of moorland in southern Devon, England. Protected by National Park status as Dartmoor National Park, it covers 954 square kilometres. The granite which forms the uplands dates from the Carboniferous Period of geological history.

Storm passing through the Tamar Valley

Shadows pierce the fog on the river Tamar as the sun rises behind the bridge. The scene was surreal with the sound as well as the light blanketed and muted. These weather conditions are common in the winter here and give this monochrome image from Saltash an Other-worldly feel.

Red sunrise through a black viaduct silhouette.

Tamar suspension and Royal Albert bridge.
The Royal Albert Bridge seen here behind the Tamar bridge is a railway bridge which spans the River Tamar in England between Plymouth, Devon and Saltash, Cornwall bank. It was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and opened: May 2, 1859
Total length: 667 m
Construction started: May 1854

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