Orchids of Singapore Photography

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Orchids delight with their many colours, unusual forms, showy flowers or those of charming modesty. Wandering around the National Orchid Garden in Singapore I admired their splendid collection of orchid species in a tropical setting. I hope that some of their beauty would be reflected in the photographs.

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First Published: 20130108

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Caption List:

1. Mokara orchid, Singapore. Chao Praya Dot Com (Christine Alba)orchid, Singapore Botanic Gardens

2. Vanda Usha Orchids, Singapore Botanic Gardens. This orchid is named after Madame Usha Narayanan, wife of the President of India.

3. Oncidium Goldiana Orchids, Singapore. Singapore Botanic Gardens

4. Dendrobium Joaquim Alberto Chrissano Orchid, Singapore. VIP section of the National Orchid Garden.

5. Dendrobium Masako Kotaishi Hidenka, Singapore . Those snow white orchids bare the name of Princess of Japan, Masako Kotaishi Hidenka. It celebraties her wedding to Prince Naruhito in 1993.

6. Mokara Orchids, Singapore Botanic Gardens. This yellow Mokara orchid was photographed at the National Orchid Garden.

7. Dendrobium orchids, Singapore Botanic Gardens. With its white, pale green stripes and purple flowers, this stunning orchid is possibly the Dendrobium Noporn Bright Star.

8. Orchid 7, Singapore Botanic Gardens. This small orchid grows in a sheltered area of the National Orchid Garden in Singapore. Name not known.

9. Vanda Robert's Delight Orchids, Singapore . Singapore Botanic Gardens

10. Dendrobium Gyula Horn, Singapore . Bearing the name of His Excellency Mr Gyula Horn, former Hungarian Prime Minister, this orchid is a hybrid of Dendrobium Jaq Beauty and Dendrobium Genting Blue. This photograph was taken in the VIP section of the National Orchid Garden.

11. Dendrobium Tien Soeharto, Singapore. The photograph of this hybrid of Den Noor Aishah and Den Schulleri was taken at the VIP part of the National Orchid Garden.

12. Red orchid, Singapore. Singapore Botanic Gardens - possibly aranthera orchid

13. Dendrobium White Fairy Orchid, Singapore . Dendrobium orchids are very popular and grow in a range of climatic conditions from Korea and Japan to New Zealand. The masses of this beautiful plant adorn the spaces of the National Orchid Garden in Singapore.

14. Orchid, Singapore. Possibly a Vanda orchid, this cluster of hot pink flower was found at the National Orchids Garden.

15. Mokara orchid, Singapore . The photo of this delicate purple beauty, Mokara Chak Kuan Blue orchid, was taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

16. Dendrobium White Fairy, Singapore Botanic Gardens. Dendrobium White Fairy grows in masses along some of the pathways and under the trees in the National Orchid Garden. In those areas one feels as if walking through the white wonderland.