Children's activities Photography

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What children do naturally depends on their age and gender. They play alone or with their siblings, cousins, friends, parents or grandparents. They play with their toys or they act like adults. Often they are in a world of their own, a fantasy world.

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First Published: 20150310

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Caption List:

1. Small child crawling up some steps. One-year-old child trying to climb some steps

2. Little girl hula hooping. Five-year old girl enthusiastically twirling a hula hoop round her waist

3. Girl on a trampoline. Happy girl jumping on a trampoline

4. Boy with a kitten. Young boy holding a kitten

5. LIttle girl with a tablet computer. Little girl enjoying playing on a tablet computer

6. Boy doing homework. Boy doing homework at the desk in his room

7. Walking with grandpa. Small boy walking with his grandfather

8. Little girl playing in a jungle gym. Small girl climbing through a jungle gym

9. Small girl and cat. Little girl looking at a cat sitting on a fence

10. Mother and daughter on roller-skates. Little girl and her mother roller-skating in Nice, France

11. Girl playing the flute. Eleven-year-old girl playing the flute

12. Small girl playing with toy bricks. Little girl playing with building bricks

13. Small girl helping in the kitchen. Little girl doing the dishes

14. Little girl looking at herself in a mirror. Standing on the toilet seat a small girl takes a look at herself in the mirror

15. Two boys playing computer games. Together but separate, two friends are busy at their computers

16. Girl doing homework. Eight-year-old girl working on school assignment

17. Young boy at the stem of a small boat. Young boy at the stem of a pleasure boat

18. Small boy playing with a boat. Little boy playing with a boat on the beach

19. Small boy on a beach. Small boy running on a beach in California, USA

20. Children playing on a beach. Children jumping in the water by the edge of a lake

21. Small boy playing with a ball in the water. Small boy playing with a ball in the water

22. Small girl getting acquainted with the water. Small girl with waterwings learning to swim

23. Little girl in the water. Happy little girl with swimming floats in the water

24. Jumping into the water. Children jumping into the water

25. Small boy and duck. Little boy looking at duck in water

26. Boy in wheelchair. Disabled young boy in wheelchair by the sea

27. Small girl with a teddy bear. Little girl with a cuddly toy

28. Bronze Age rock carvings in Sweden. Small boy fascinated by prehistoric rock carvings in southern Sweden

29. Small boy with toy car. Small boy repairing his toy car

30. Litrtle girl looking wistfully at birthday cake. It's hard to have to wait for your sister to come and start cutting the cake

31. Small boy with a cat. Young boy caressing a cat

32. Little girl drawing. Little girl lying on the floor coloring a drawing

33. Nine-year-old girl with a tablet. Nine-year-old girl watching a film on her tablet computer

34. Young girl reading. Young girl reading on a sofa

35. Girl with cellphone. Young girl with her cellphone, texting or playing on her handheld device

36. Happy boy, 18 months old. Smiling boy, 18 months old, with food in his mouth

37. Little girl walking small dog. A little girl feels big when she has got the responsibility to take the dog for a walk. This feeling is strengthened by their shadows on the wall.

38. Boy on a scooter. Young boy on a scooter

39. Little girl at kitchen table. Small girl colouring letters

40. Little girl hula hooping. Girl doing her best to twirl a hula hoop

41. Two brothers having fun. Two kid brothers having fun

42. Help with homework. Girl helping her little brother with school assignment

43. Family working in the kitchen. Family preparing food in the kitchen

44. Grandfather and grandchild with laptops. A little girl and her grandfather busy at their laptops

45. Father testing homework. Father testing his daughter on her homework as they are walking to school

46. Two boys playing with a toy train. Two boys playing with a toy train

47. Small boy hiking with grandpa. Feeling safe by the side of Grandpa, the little boy is looking forward to adventure round the bend.