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The rule of thirds says that an image can be intersected by two equally-distanced horizontal lines and two similar vertical lines dividing it into nine equal parts. Important elements in the image can be positioned along these lines or at the intersections between them, which has shown to be pleasing to the eye. A viewer usually first looks at one of these intersections. These images are examples of using the rule of thirds.

Playing boule
Mountain hikers
Mountain hikers
White reindeer

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1. Small girl on a beach. Small girl running on a beach in California, USA

2. Small girl with a teddy bear. Little girl with a cuddly toy

3. Small boy playing with a boat. Little boy playing with a boat on the beach

4. Little boy and duck. Small boy looking at a duck passing by on a river

5. Tender young couple. Affectionate young couple on a visit to an old castle in Italy

6. Boy on a scooter. Young boy on a scooter

7. Small boy hiking with grandpa. Feeling safe by the side of Grandpa, the little boy is looking forward to adventure round the bend.

8. Young woman with long hair. Teenage girl looking at the camera

9. Playing boule. Three men playing boule in Antibes, France

10. Litrtle girl looking wistfully at birthday cake. It's hard to have to wait for your sister to come and start cutting the cake

11. Elderly woman and dog. Elderly woman and dog looking out at rain. Poet Neza Maurer, Slovenian Woman of the Year 2008.

12. Waiter serving wine to smiling couple. Friendly atmosphere in a restaurant with a couple being served wine

13. Silhouette of a man. Silhouette of a man looking across a valley

14. Two children playing near the Kozjak waterfall in Slovenia. Two children playing in the pool below Kozjak, a 15 meter high waterfall in a cave near Kobarid in Slovenia. The water flows into the Soca (or Isonzo) river.

15. Small boat in the Mediterranean. Small boat in the Mediterranean

16. Young woman on a couch seen from above. Lonely young woman on a couch seen from above

17. Teenage girl with a kitten. Young red-haired girl with a kitten

18. Elderly woman making sausages. Elderly woman working with a food processor making sausages

19. A pigeon in Trafalgar Square, London, UK. With the National Gallery in the background, a pigeon is resting on a monument in Trafalgar Square, London, UK

20. University lecture. Visiting lecturer talking to students

21. Relaxing by the sea. Woman in a sun chair on the beach

22. Small church on a hill. The church of Saints Primoz and Felicijan near the village of Kropa in Slovenia

23. Mountain trekkers in the Julian alps in Slovenia.. Trekkers on their way down from the highest peak in Slovenia, Triglav in the Julian alps

24. Mountain trekkers. Two mountain hikers in the Julian Alps in Slovenia on their way to the highest peak, Triglav

25. Trekkers in the Slovenian mountains. Mountain climbers on their way to Triglav, highest peak in Slovenia

26. Mountain hikers. Two adults hiking in the Julian Alps in Slovenia on their way to the highest peak, Triglav

27. Mountain hikers. Woman taking a photo of her fellow hikers on their way to Velika Planina in the Slovenian mountains

28. Couple and dog in a park. A couple with their dog in a park in the autumn

29. Autumn trekking in the Swedish highlands. Trekker in the mountains in northern Sweden

30. White reindeer. The very rare white reindeer is said to bring luck.

31. Hiker in the alps. Small figure of a hiker in the mountains looking across a valley at a mountain range

32. Family trekking in the alps. Family hiking in the alps

33. Couple on a beach. Couple walking on a beach in California

34. Boy in wheelchair. Disabled young boy in wheelchair by the sea

35. Car in Death Valley. Car on small road in Death Valley, Nevada, USA

36. Dog looking out through window. Doberman dog in a living-room looking out into a garden

37. Small girl in traffic danger. Little girl playing in the street

38. Man alone in an auditorium. Man alone in an auditorium

39. Young couple taking a selfie. Young couple taking a selfie in Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy

40. Sailship passing by an island. Sailship on course past an island

41. Couple sitting on a beach. A couple in Nice, France, looking out at the Mediterranean

42. Pillory in Fredrikstad, Norway. Pillory, an old method of public physical punishment by which the head and hands of a victim were locked in a hinged wooden structure.

43. Jogger in Naples, Italy. Man jogging along a street in Naples, Italy

44. Tourists looking at casts of victims of the eruption of Vesuvius AD 79 exhibited in Pompeii. Visitors at an exhibition of plaster casts of victims of the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius AD 79 in Pompeii, Italy

45. Painter at work in a chapel. In the Chapel of St Agnes in Fram near Maribor, Slovenia, a painter is concentrating on some small details in the restoration work. A round window creates a halo round the head of the saint, who is also called St Ines, St Iris or, in Slovenian, St Neza.

46. Child with bicycle helmet. Mother helping her daughter with bicycle helmet

47. Young female student preparing for an exam. Young woman studying for her exam

48. Robotic lawn mower. A robotic lawn mower with tracks showing its erratic movements

49. Augusta Westland helicopter. Slovenian police helicopter Augusta Westland, here in the alpine region