Assorted color Western Wildflowers Photography

Stock Stock Images By Mike Trewet

Spring brings new life in the mountains along with that are the multitude of colorful wildflowers that dot the mountains and valleys along the Rocky Mountains colors from dark blues to bright yellows along with reds and orange and many more that is what makes springtime and summer in the western mountains so wonderful.

Assorted color Western Wildflowers Details

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1. Winter Cress 7413 ( Barbarea vulgaris ). Winter Cress is a long stem yellow wildflower that can be found in June in the western states.

2. Winter Cress 7410 ( Barbarea vulgaris ). Winter Cress is a long stem yellow wildflower that some consider a noxious weed.

3. Paintbrush 9820 ( Castilleja ). Paintbrush is a western red wildflower that adds to the yellows blues and white flowers that bloom in the spring.

4. Paintbrush 8814 ( Castilleja ). Paintbrush is a rich red welcome site in the early mornings on the western mountain range.

5. Oxeye Daisy 1919 ( Chrysanthemum leucanthemum ). Oxeye Daisy is a small white flower about two inches in diameter with a yellow center.

6. Musk Thistle 6156 ( Carduus nutans ). Musk Thistle is not a wildflower but considered an Invasive weed species.

7. Little Sunflower 8793 ( Helianthella uniflora ). Vertical image of Little Yellow Sunflowers as they reach for the morning sun.

8. Little Sunflower 8786 ( Helianthella uniflora ). Image of a Little Sunflower as it opens wide for the morning sun.

9. Little Sunflower 7325 ( Helianthella uniflora ). Little Yellow Sunflowers grow in western mountains in bunches along the hillsides.

10. Little Sunflower 7206 ( Helianthella uniflora ). A view into an open small Little Sunflower on a sunny morning.

11. Little Sunflower 1575 ( Helianthella uniflora ). Northern Utah Mountains come alive with the yellow little Sunflowers in the month of June.

12. Little Sunflower 1568 ( Helianthella uniflora ). Yellow mountain flowers like the Little Sunflower can be found in the Utah Mountains.

13. Little Sunflower 1236 ( Helianthella uniflora ). A large patch of Little Sunflowers yellow flowers that are found in western mountains and farmland in the valleys.

14. Globe Mallow 4507 ( Sphaeralcea coccinea ). Globe Mallow is an orange wildflower that is found almost everywhere in the western states.

15. Globe Mallow 4504 ( Sphaeralcea coccinea ). Globe Mallow is an orange wildflower can be found on mountain sides and in the arid valleys below.

16. Flax 1472 ( Linum lewisii ). Flax is a blue mountain flower that opens wide every morning for the sun.

17. Flax 1465 ( Linum lewisii ). Flax is a blue mountain flower that is very common in the western United States.

18. Evening Primrose 4526 ( Oenothera caespitosa ). Evening Primrose is a western valley flower that starts out white and then turns a pinkish color.

19. Blue Penstemon 4482 ( Penstemon cyananthus ). Blue penstemon is a wildflower that grows in layers on a single stem in mountain elevations.

20. Blue Penstemon 1582 ( Penstemon cyananthus ). Northern Utah Mountains in spring become alive with many wildflowers like the Blue Penstemon a common western wildflower.