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Wildlife Stock Images By Howard Birnstihl


Australian natives and exotics. Mammals, reptiles, amphibians. Koalas in trees, kangaroos and wallabies lazing and fighting, cats resting and snarling over their prey, dogs seeking our love, quolls searching for food, possums peering down, frogs displaying their colour and swimming underwater, lizards and geckoes in delightful close-up, giant pigs, horses in the landscape, snakes sliding and curling, crocodiles in craggy detail, sheep herding down the country road, emperor caterpillars in all t

Spotted quoll
Green tree frog
Huge pig
Horse and foal
Starfish detail
Baby ladybird
Shaking hands
Gone a
Cat and mouse
Hippo yawning.
Bull ant
Frog underwater
Diamond python
A tiny life
Gecko detail
Big cool cat
Big red
Koala dozing
Anenome fish
Rabbit scull
Old wife
Pigmy possum
Cattle sale
Shaggy dog
Green iguana
House mouse
Guinea pig
Cattle muster
Punk horse
Clown with dog
Mare with foal
Seals on rocks

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Photo Count: 147

First Published: 2/22/2016

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Caption List:

1. Brushtail possum. Young brushtail possum in tree close up view

2. Spotted quoll. Spotted quoll foraging on the ground at night

3. Kangaroos sparring. Close-up of two roos sparring gently, probably more in play than anger

4. Grey kangaroo family. Family of grey kangaroos, including joey in pouch, looking warily about

5. Tadpole. Close-up of tadpole grazing among the pebbles on the bottom of a pool, backlit showing the internal structure of the creature

6. Green tree frog. Close-up of green tree frog on branch at night

7. Emperor gum moth caterpillar. Close-up of exotically shaped and coloured emperor gum moth caterpillar

8. Huge pig. Huge pig climbing onto fence dwarfing farmer as he passes by

9. Giraffe. sculptural image of giraffe's feet

10. Mouse. House mouse on coffee mug sniffing the air beside two apples

11. Leaping with dogs. Man in overalls playing with his dogs as they leap for the ball

12. Horse and foal. Horse and foal in lush paddock beautifully lit by low sun with birds flting through rainbowed sky

13. Starfish detail. Close view of starfish arm showing texture and suckers

14. Baby ladybird. Minute young ladybird on human finger

15. Shaking hands. Baboons in ajoining cages reaching out to each other

16. Gone a. Rear view of cattle being driven along sunlit country road with hazy blue hills in the background

17. Cat and mouse. Black and white puss chewing on prey

18. Roos in silhouette.. Two roos backlit so that they are su\\outlined by a halo of light

19. Python sliding down branch.. Diamond python gliding silently down a branch in search of food

20. Lamb peeping thru fence.. cute little lamb peering through the fence at us

21. Hippo yawning.. Close up of hippo yawning showing off its huge teeth

22. Kids feeding dappled grey over fence.. Dappled grey horse accepts an apple from the kids over the fence

23. Keep your eye on that croc. A very close view of a crocodile's eye

24. Home is a hollow log. Goanna keeping watch from the entrance to its hollow log home

25. Dangerous to touch. close view of a poisonous blue and yellow frog

26. Bull ant. Close up view of bull ant's head, eyes, nippers and mandibles

27. Frog underwater. Frog underwater swimming toward us

28. Diamond python. close view of diamond python curled up

29. A tiny life. A miniature pigmy possum on the palm of a human hand

30. Prisoner. Young dog squeezes throught he bars of the gate

31. Gorilla at rest.. close view of a gorilla at the zoo laying back in an exaggerated pose of relaxation

32. Gecko about to leap. Close view of Marbled Gecko poised to leap off the end of a branch

33. Making one's self at home. In fact any home will do as this hermit crab finds a fresh empty shell to suit its new size

34. Boy with white mouse.jpg,. Young boy holding his pet white mouse

35. Gecko detail. very close view of a marbled gecko showing the large staring eye

36. Gecko on hand.. tiny gecko minus its tail sitting on the fingertips of a human hand

37. Fossilized trilobites. close view of fossilized trilobites

38. Sheepdog at work. Sheep dog driving a herd of sheep through a grassy paddock

39. 'Environmental sculpture'. Beautiful sculpture formed by a green tree snake wrapping itself around a branch

40. Reptilian tree dweller. Diamond Python slithering its way along a branch

41. Big cool cat. Close view of snow leopard showing the distinctive pattern of its woolly coat

42. Big red. Old man red kangaroo resting like the aristocrat he is

43. Cat on the prowl. Silhouette of cat as it roams the rooftops in search of adventure.

44. Gecko feeding on leaf. Marbled gecko feeding on nectar on a leaf

45. Stumpytail underside view. Hands holding a fully grown stumpytail lizard showing the pattern of the underside

46. Red turban shell. Red turban shell vacuuming its way across a rock

47. Easter Grey Kangaroo with Joey. Female Eastern Grey Kangaroo with joey in the pouch.

48. Marbled Gekko. Marbled Gekko licking a leaf

49. Koala dozing. Koala completely zonked out as it slumbers in the fork of a tree

50. Koala. Koala gripping trunk as it leans over for a better view

51. Tasmanian Devil. Tasmanian devil hiding among the ferns

52. Tasmanian devil. Devil seen in summer on dry leaves on the forest floor

53. Wombat. Wombat climbing onto log

54. Brown tree frog . Brown tree frog climbing onto wet log

55. Anenome fish. Two anenome fish nose to nose

56. Demonstrating cow. Cow painted with sign expressing the thoughts of farmers at a ralley in melbourne

57. Frog clinging to stem. Brown frog clinging to the stem of a pond plant

58. Rabbit scull. close view of a rabbit scull in the hand

59. Old wife. Close up view of an old wife fish

60. Pigmy possum. Injured possum with bandaged limb eating gum blossom

61. Hereford cow feeding her calf. Hereford cow feeding her calf out in the bush paddock

62. Camel. Close view of a camel's head as it looks decidedly pleased with itself

63. Farmer riding his cow. Western district farmer riding his cow along thr highway as he shifts the herd to another paddock

64. Dog on the see-saw. Young boys playing on see-saws in the park with their foxie joining in

65. Gold scorpion with rubies and sapphires. precious jewellery in the form of a highly decorative scorpion dramaticall presented on black

66. Keeping an eye on the dragon. Fashion jewellery at its punk best. A dragon bracelet in solid silver

67. Sheepdog watching the flock. Sheepdog follows the flock while remaining ready to react to the first wrong move

68. Sheepdogs at work. One watches as the other dog sets off to head the mob off

69. Sheepdog trailing the flock. Sheepdog with the job in front of him as they all stream across the paddock

70. Circus elephant between gigs. Elephant at circus relaxing between shows

71. Kids running with dog. Kids on farm running towards camera with huge happy dog

72. Iguana. Close view of an iguana showing the incredible texture of its dragonlike skin

73. Shadow the sheepdog. Sheep dog taking a short breather as the flock behaves itself for a while

74. Grey kangaroo in the bush. Old man kangaroo looks inquisitively at the viewer as it holds itself erect and stands stock still

75. Fluffy cat on gatepost. Sentinel fluffy cat basks in the afternoon sun and stands guard over its domain

76. Echidna. Echidna climbs methodically up a slope in search of food

77. Albino wallaby. You aint seen nothin till you've come across an albino wallaby in the bush. Wow!

78. Cattle sale. Farmers gathered round the sale ring as the next lot of cattle are brought in for auction

79. Brushtail possum. Brushtail possum in tree looking down at the viewer

80. Old man walruss. Old man walruss having a scratch as he sunbakes on the sand

81. Boy with stumpytail. Boy in the bush examines a stumpytail lizard which has been sunbaking

82. Joey heading off to bed. Joey inspects mother's pouch before entering

83. Red sea anenome. Red sea anenome waving its tentacles enticing food parcicles into its sphere

84. Laboratory mouse. Mouse on laboratory device

85. Laboratory mice. Two mice being observed in their glass tank

86. Shaggy dog. Shaggy dog in shelter

87. Dogs in shelter. Group of dogs inside wishing they were outside

88. Dog peering under gate. Dog peering longingly under gate

89. Possum with broken leg. Possum with broken leg being cared for by volunteer

90. Tending sick possum. Possum wrapped in blanket being fed via syringe

91. A mass of cattle in the stockyards. A huge herd of cattle congregate at the sale yards in the heat and dust

92. Baby hermit crab. tiny hermit crab held in the fingers of a field scientist

93. Gecko eating mantis. Close view of gecko eating a green mantis

94. Iguana. Mid shot of a South American iguana

95. Green iguana. GTreen iguana creeps along a branch

96. Giraffe making house calls. Nosey giraffe pops in to check out the bus travellers

97. Gecko eyeing off its prey. Gecko peers at the silhouette of a mantis in the garden shrubbery

98. House mouse. Small brown mouse about to launch itself from the rim of a coffee mug

99. Stumpytail snarling from its hideout. Stumpytail or shingleback lizard is interrupted while forraging for food on the desert fringe

100. Snail emerges from the sand. A sand snail emerges into the light having travelled for some time subterranially in search of food

101. Kids in bush with stumpytail. Kids in the dry of the Little Desert in Victoria find a stumpytail almost perfectly camouflaged among the ground litter

102. Marbled gecko on coloured quartz. Marbled gecko without its tail searches for food on richly coloured quartz

103. Gecko side view. Close view of a marbled gecko

104. Emperor gum moth caterpillar B. caterpillar eating a eucalypt leaf

105. Emperor gum moth caterpillar. Close view of caterpillar eating a eucalypt leaf

106. Guinea pig. Hands holding pet guinea pig

107. Cattle dog at work. Cattle dog at work rounding up the cows

108. Roos backlit in bush. Roos caught in the early morning sun as they begin their day of grazing

109. Sandworm markings in sand. Obviously an asian sandworm from his signature left on the beach

110. Sandworm trails vertical view. Sandworm trails left behind on the sand

111. Cattle muster. Cattle muster in the heat of the afternoon

112. Close view of cat's face. Close view of a cat as it concentrates hard

113. Fluffy white cat. Fluffy white cat looking pure, soft amd gorgeous

114. Koala leaning out. Koala leaning out in the search for greener pastures

115. Cat and mouse at breakfast table. Puss peeps through the breakfast paraphenalia to keenly watch a mouse at play

116. Punk horse. Horse doing a fair impression of a punk

117. Capyburra close up. Capyburra sniffs the ground as it searches for food

118. Jogger and his dog take a breather. It's hot and both the jogger and his dog are sweating profusely as they take a well earned rest

119. Happy dog in the grass. Dog sits panting but alert in the waving grass

120. Dunnart with babies. Travelling with a family clinging to you is just part of the game to this mother dunnat

121. Western Bluetongue. Distinctive brown tonings and bands of the western bluetongue

122. Water-retaining frog. A rare sight of a water-retaining frog as it emerges from its burial to enjoy a short cool and wet spell

123. Eastern Water dragon . Close up view of an eastern water dragon as it soaks up the heat of the desert rocks

124. Scorpion. Scorpion on log in the dry country of outback NSW

125. Western bluetongue performing. Western bluetongue baring its most frightening look as it pokes out its tongue

126. Cows posing for the camera. Cows lined up in the green paddock seen through the pines

127. Children patting police horses. Young children at the beach patting police horses as their owners do a little PR

128. Clown with dog. Clown with uncontrollable pretend dog

129. Gecko in garden on pink flower. Close-up of gecko on pink azalia in the garden at night

130. Skink in rock garden. Close-up of skink climbimg on rock in the garden

131. Gecko licking leaf close view. Extreme c;ose-up of marbled gecko licking nectar from a garden leaf

132. Bluetongue on garden lawn. Bluetongue lizard basking in the sun on the garden lawn seen in close view

133. Bluetongue in garden. Bluetongue lizard basking in the sun on the garden lawn

134. Sheep at the gate. Sheep wait forlornly at the gate in an outback paddock in the middle of a drought. Many farmers are forced to drove stock off on long journeys along the highways looking for better feed, while they pray for rain.

135. Sheep in dry country. Vertical image of sheep on hillside during a drought

136. Sheep on dry hillside. Sheep in drought country

137. Sheep in drought. Forlorn sheep wandering through the dusty landscape amid a bad drought

138. Sheep in dry creekbed. Forlorn sheep standing 'waiting for Godot' as the drought worsens.

139. Art class in primary school. Junior art class in primary school with the class all working on the environmental issue of saving whales

140. Gecko eating stick insect. Close view of gecko eating stick insect

141. Mare with foal. Mare with nuzzling foal out in the paddock

142. Close up of fidler crab. Close view of the claws of a fiddler crab sitting on a mud flat

143. Close up of decorator crab. Close view of the claws of a decorator crab showing its covering of seaweed

144. Close up of crayfish eye. Close view of the eye of a crayfish showing the texture of its facial features

145. Seals on rocks. Seals on rocks along Australian coast

146. Girl and her horse at the beach. Young girl caresses her pony as they enjoy the sandy beach

147. platypus. platypus trawling along the bottom of the stream in search of tasty invertebrates