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A range of images shot at a local arts show. The environment was late afternoon

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1. Scary masks - Local Show. Children and parents peruse the colourful merchandise at a stand in a local show

2. Laughing Clown and child - Local Show. A child inserts a ping pong ball in the mouth of a laughing clown

3. Food Display - Local Show. Illuminated hot dogs and waffles food display

4. Knock 'em down - Local Show. Knock down the Coke bottles for a prize

5. Ferris Wheel - Local Show. illuminated Ferris Wheel at local show

6. Prizes - Local Show. Stuffed toys for prizes at local show

7. Plastic Ducks - Local Show. Plastic ducks at sideshow

8. Dagwood Dogs - Local Show. Illuminated food stall at local show

9. Monster Mask - Local Show. Frankenstein's Monster Mask shot at local show

10. Ferris Wheel - Local Show. Ferris Wheel at Campbelltown District Show - vertical view

11. Ticket Booth - Local Show. Ticket Booth at campbelltown show, late afternoon

12. Laughing Clowns - Campbelltown Show. Laughing Clowns - Campbelltown Show