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Stunning birds...

From the mallee country of southern Australia I have captured many of its rare, iconic and unique species. Activity and context are key features of my work here and I have strived to produce high quality representations of these special... [Read More]

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About Neil D Walker Photography

My work specialises in high quality images of Australian natural history.
What sets my work apart is a uniquely different approach to photographing both new and old. Through this approach I produce inspiring and thought-provoking moments.

My main subject matter is birds and landscapes however my photography is always evolving towards variety.

I like to present messages through images which stimulate reflection in the viewer.

After DSLR training I update skills and knowledge by research and practise, which goes something like this...

I'm cold or wet or cold and wet; I'm hot and bothered ; Ow! another rock, another branch, another hole, dawn must arrive soon, the carpark must be closer!

Sore elbows, cramp in my hamstring and those ants are getting into places where they shouldn't! ; but the moment has arrived and the shot is made and all is well...almost.

Photograph challenges and rewards...I love it!!

Photography and the themes I shoot is a natural extension of my passion for the natural world.

I use wind to windsurf and the sun to power my modest home and seek to spend as much time as possible experiencing nature in all its forms.

So, travel and exploration is one key to sparking not only new places but new perspectives and exciting possibilities for education and photographic interpretation.

Conservation volunteering allows me access to places and opportunities to build my portfolio.

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