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A New Gallery: Land, Water and Skies Photography

I've just posted a new lightbox to my website. Land, Water and Skies is a set of Landscape Photos suitable for a variety of commercial purposes. A resume of photographs showcasing my favourite earth moments captured. Read More]

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My photography's initial focus is towards nature/wildlife, places/travels landscape and places of interest. I also have a fondness for macro photography as I am fascinated with the detail it brings to the sometimes ordinary. I do some family/wedding photo sessions on request but my passion is the outdoor landscape, wildlife, travel and all it's splendour. I try to bring out the extraordinary in sometimes the very ordinary. I look for that little bit of romance and tranquility to soothe the mind and soul, whether it be a spectacular sunset or a bee on a flower.

Photography has been a lifelong passion since the days of film. I enrolled in a course during the 1980's and learned the basics of the camera and how to improve my photography. I worked full time as a nurse and being a single Mom for many years, I was not able to upgrade until 2008 when I received my first DSLR and began upgrading and educating myself in the art of digital photography. I enrolled in a DSLR photography course and also many tutorials available online. I have been actively doing serious photography since 2012. I am now retired from the nursing profession for 2 years, and my life focus has been to create the best images I can and share them with the world. I live in an amazing woodland/wildlife area where the wonders never cease to amaze me.

My other interests when I'm not chasing sunsets or the flora and fauna that surrounds me are broad in nature. I enjoy collecting things such as vintage/antique pieces that need to be preserved. I love fishing. I live in an area vast with lakes that not only radiate with beauty but the fish are plentiful. A bad day for fishing is a good day for photography I always say. I also enjoy hiking through our area woodlands. It's good for the heart,mind and the soul.

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