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Wildlife/nature photographer based in Canberra, Australia. I have a library of over 80,000 images covering common and endangered species of birds, mammals (including many marsupials), reptiles, amphibians, insects, and other invertebrates, flowering and non-flowering plants from Australia, Antarctic region, Falklands, Galapagos, Japan, Midway Atoll, New Zealand, Seychelles, Spitzbergen & UK. Special interest in animal behaviour, life cycles & macro. Available for assignments & photo/text packages.

Academic: B.Sc. (zoology), D.Phil. (animal behaviour and ecology), Dip.Ed. (science), B.V.A. (glass).
Photographic: Professional nature/photographer since 1980. Worldwide publication credits including - Assignments: Australian Geographic, Dorling Kindersley, Natural History; Publishers: Angus & Robertson, Macmillan, National Geographic, Reader's Digest; Magazines: Animals, Australian Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Cosmopolitan, Geo (Germany, Korea), Natural History, Nature Australia, Ranger Rick.

Photography, travel, downhill skiing, watercolour painting, kiln fired glass, orchids and carnivorous plants.

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