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Sales & Marketing Dashboard

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You get a Pro Photographer Website that is 100% plug-and-play. It looks great straight out of the box and gets even better as you publish more and more of your photography on GlobalEye.

Your Stock Photo Catalogue is fully searchable and available to visitors 24/7... though be warned, we do take a very different approach to the free & cheap stock libraries that currently dominate the industry.

Your Photography Business Dashboard provides a powerful set of tools for you to manage your stock catalogue and promote your website, to generate new photo-buyer contacts for ongoing leads and sales.

You have a number of simple Passive Revenue Streams built-in to your website so you can generate some hands-free cashflow while using our services to promote and manage your photography business.

And we provide a valuable archive of Tools and Training so wherever you happen to be in your photography career right now, you can progress to the next level and keep growing your business.

So, which part of GlobalEye
are you most interested in?

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Launch A Professional Website in Minutes

While it's tempting for photographers to take on the creative process of publishing a website, in strictly business terms, it's not such a good idea.

It's a lot of work to do properly, assuming you know enough about design & development to get the job done.

But that's just the start...

Even if you manage to build a great website, the real challenge for most photographers is how are you going to promote it so you actually bring in potential customers?

That can easily become a full-time job on it's own.

So it makes far more sense to let us take care of all that busy-work for you... so you can get on with shooting and publishing great photography!

And let our platform leverage your efforts to promote your photography and grow your business.

If that is sounding like a better plan, here's what you get:

1. A Professional Website

This looks fantastic straight out-of-the-box, but has loads of options for you to tweak the layout and the content and make it your own.

You have a choice of 4 professional full-screen sliders, a dynamic portfolio selection and various recent and popular image lists.

It provides one-click search access to your complete stock photo catalogue and easy-access to ALL your GlobalEye website pages.

It also connects to your social media accounts and any other websites, blogs, portfolios or web profiles you maintain.

It is especially designed perform well in the major external search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo... to increase your exposure and extend your reach.

So whether you're a technical-whiz or a total newbie, you can do as much or as little as you want, to create a slick, modern showcase for your photography and your business.

2. A Simple Blogging Platform

The biggest mistake you can make as a photographer is to assume that you only need to publish photos!

The short version is: the search engines cannot see your photos, so unless you add some relevant written copy, you really limit your exposure.

The good news is, most photographers don't write anywhere near enough, so those that do will have a real advantage!

So we help you with this 3 ways...

1. We give you a simple blogging platform so you can publish written content anytime, quickly and easily.

2. We give you simple templates and semi-automatic systems to get you started whenever you publish new photo content.

3. We provide loads of ideas and examples to help get those creative juices flowing!

We can also show you how to re-post all this content to your social media accounts automatically, but that's one for later on!

For now you just need to know that even the non-writers can use GlobalEye to publish the essential written content that will separate you from the crowd and get your photography found by all the right people.

3. A Search Engine Ranking Machine

We drive this Content Publishing to a whole new level with our own custom page formats so you can showcase your new images in a way the search engines absolutely love!

These only take a few minutes to set up each time you publish a new set of photos, but done properly, they can dominate the search engines for your specific subjects.

It won't always happen, but when it does, you become the first photographer people see when they're searching for that specific subject matter!

So just imagine for a minute if you had dozens of these pages, all turning up near the top of the search results, whenever a potential photo buyers searched for any of your key subjects?

Do you think that sort of exposure might generate some useful leads and sales?

4. A Personal Business Directory

So you do the work and publish your content, you lock-in some great search engine listings... and you're bringing in some serious visitor traffic...

The thing is, a lot of those visitors won't be pro stock buyers.

Some will be looking for prints, others might be interested in gift items, others are just broadly researching the subject... some will be other photographers!

The good news is, your GlobalEye web site is designed to monetize ALL your visitor traffic...

No Matter Who They Are!

The key is to guide those visitors to your most relevant offer for them as quickly as you can.

So your personal website links up all your relevant GlobalEye pages plus your web shops, social media accounts, fulfilment sites and any other offers... to help the buyer traffic find your offers fast...

Plus it includes built-in advertising and affiliate links especially for the photographer traffic your website will generate. (You won't get rich off that, but we make it a rule to never waste a visitor!)

Of course all this is optional and only activates if you choose to add the links...

If you're just starting out, you might not have a lot of other sites to connect. That's OK... we can give you a few suggestions to get you started, but it's entirely up to you whether or not you use any of them.

Your GlobalEye website is designed to work perfectly as a standalone site... any extra offers or accounts you decide to connect are just going to be icing on the cake.

OK, that's your GlobalEye Website in a nutshell!

What you have here is a professional photography business platform, fully-hosted and ready to go.

No experience necessary. No rechnical skills required.

It's a platform that puts you in total control, without all the technical headaches or tedious busy work.

So you can leave all that to us, while you get on with being a photographer!

If that's sounding like a better plan, then you should look over the other sections as well... so you're totally clear on everything you get and all you can do with it.

We're looking for long-term partners here, so there shouldn't be any rush!

Traditional Stock Photography Is Dead!

Now that's not much of a sales pitch, but I need to be totally clear on this...

The vast majority of photo users believe that photos should be cheap or even free...

They want instant downloads of $10 images that they can use however they like, forever.

The thing is, that's just not a viable market for most photographers...

And it's certainly not a business model we've ever used.

So you shouldn't join up here expecting a constant stream of high-value stock photo sales.

That just doesn't happen anymore.


The big stock libraries won't tell you this, but their photographers will...

Prices are down across the board, library commissions are up, and sales are erratic at best.

But don't despair...

We believe there is life after traditional stock...

Though to be honest, the idea of traditional stock is probably a bit of a myth!

There was a brief period of time when the demand for stock photogrtaphy seriously out-stripped supply...

Most photographers weren't supplying stock, so those that were could charge whatever they wanted... as long as it was cheaper than hiring a photographer to go out and shoot the image.

Licensing was all Rights Managed then, so the photographers were also getting paid every single time an image was used.

The libraries did much more of the work but restrained themselves to a 50% commission...

And somehow everyone made some pretty good money!

But then stock went online and everything changed.

What used to be a partnership between a photographer and their stock agency, became a mass-distribution business...

Dominated by large corporations focused on making a small-margin on a high-volume of low-cost product...

Where photographers went from being essential creative partners to just another link in the supply chain.

So it was great while it lasted but it was never going to last forever.

So I figure we can get hung up on what might have been, or we can accept that things have changed and we need to move on...

Personally I think there is plenty to be optimistic about!

The demand for images has never been higher.

And because image use is so high, a lot of photo buyers are desperate for images that will make their own designs stand out from the crowd.

So the photographers who can create superior quality work in their own unique style, have a real opportunity to make those sales.

Over and over again.

Especially if you can build relationships with proven buyers who have an ongoing need for the subjects you can supply...

So they keep coming back to you...

Over and over again.

This is what it's all about, so read this section over and over again until you get it!

Your best strategy in this market is to use your stock photo sales as a means to an end.

Instead of constantly chasing low-end sales to one-time buyers... hoping you'll eventually get enough volume to make it worthwhile...

We ignore that end of the market entirely and look for ways to get your work in front of the high-end professional buyers, the people who do this for a living.

That way your leads and sales are just the beginning...

Creating an opportunity for you to make a lasting connection with the photo buyer...

So you can build an ongoing business relationship.

One that will be worth considerably more to you than any random stock photo sale.

Look at it this way...

Would you rather pick up a commission on a couple of cheap sales each month...

Or find a handful of new high-value Clients each year...

Serious buyers who need images of the subjects you shoot... who will pay you fair prices to use them.

Buyers who'll keep coming back to you, over and over, paying you 100% of the license fees each and every time?

So how exactly does Stock photography work here?

Well our approach is different to anything you might have seen before.

We DON'T believe the mainstream approach to stock offers any real value for serious photographers.

We DO believe the photographers deserve a better deal and a whole lot more respect.

So our system has evolved over 20+ years, to put you in total control of your business and your photography.

First up: your leads are generated by your content!

These days random stock library visitors are of little value to anyone. Most are only looking for free or cheap images, so we don't waste time on them and you shouldn't either.

Instead we'll show you how you can use your own content to generate your own targeted visitor traffic... i.e. people interested in your specific subjects.

And from that traffic you'll get your leads and sales.

We help you with that by promoting your content pages as well... but we can only do our part when you've done yours!

Secondly: your leads are all yours!

When you get leads, you deal directly with the Client to close the sale. We're here to help behind the scenes, but we don't get involved and we don't take a cut of your sales.

In most cases you'll get an email Quote Request... with the buyers contact details and what they want to do with the image.

So you can work out your price and send it back. You do nothing else until the buyer responds, then you just arrange payment and delivery.

So it's more hands-on, but you're looking to build a valuable long-term business relationship, so this one-on-one interaction is an important first step.

Thirdly: you best leads will be your own doing!

In the early days, stock photography used to very much set-and-forget... submit a pile of images and wait around for a cheque in the mail...

And a lot of people want to believe that's still an option.

But that's the version of stock photography I was referring to when I said 'stock was dead!'

So I should explain...

Stock can still be a good business proposition...

IF you're prepared to get pro-active and work it as you would any other business!

That means having a plan to identify qualified prospects...

Having systems to get them looking at relevant images...

And being prepared to reach out personally to close the sale.

Again, we have some excellent tools, strategies and systems in place to help with all of this, but they only work if you use them.

And if you are prepared to do the work, then this is where you can use GlobalEye to generate your own stock sales, virtually on demand...

1. Identify a prospective buyer.

2. Research their image needs & usage.

3. Publish a custom lightbox of relevant images.

4. Invite them to look it over!

Whether they decide to buy or not, you now have an extra photo buyer on your prospect list and an extra set of images out there working for you... ready to catch the attention of the next person who needs photos of a subject you shoot!

So yes, with GlobalEye you are set up to sell stock photos, but even more importantly: every step of the way you're also increasing your exposure, finding new Clients and growing your business!

So if you're serious about marketing your stock images online and you can see the advantages of our approach... and you're the kind of person who'll do whatever it takes to make it happen...

You can click below to view our current membership options, or click the next tab to find out more...

Growing Your Business

There's no denying that the internet has opened up countless new opportunities for those photographers prepared to take a whole-business approach.

International boundaries mean nothing and the entire world is now an audience that you can reach any time you want.

You can handle your own payments and delivery, virtually instantly, so here's no need to rely on anyone else, or to pay anyone else a commission.

With social media and web automation, you can create marketing systems that literally run on their own... 24/7!

And with all this infrastructure taken care of, you can focus on creating amazing content for any market you can imagine...

Even if it doesn't currently exist!

One of the great things about photography as a business is that no two photographers are ever the same... so every photography business is unique.

You can literally design and grow your business any way you like.

And our job is to provide the platform and the tools to help you make that a reality.

With that in mind, we offer a comprehensive set of tools, features and training materials so you can mix-and-match, and create your own business & marketing plan...

No matter where you are now or where you want to get to, we've got you covered...

Tools to increase your exposure

Built-in lead capture systems

Email marketing tools & training

Client prospecting tools

Local search marketing

Social media marketing

Business admin and automation

Retail & fulfillment strategies

And because everyone is starting from a different place, we maintain a massive archive of educational resources; from simple ebooks & cheatsheets, to comprehensive video training packages... so you can research these options first and decide for yourself if they're even relevant to you?

When you find one you like, we publish our own easy-to-follow Action Plans for many of these photography marketing strategies, and we're always on the lookout for new strategies and technologies that might add value to your business.

When we find something promising, we test it ourselves and if it meets the standard, we incorporate it into the GlobalEye platform in a way that makes it easy for you to understand and even easier to for you implement...

If you even want it.

Everything here is optional, (though if it's really promising, we do reserve the right to nag you to try it!)

Either way, we positively thrive on all this geeky stuff, so you can leave that to us and stay focused on your photography!

So if you think your photography business could benefit from some of these systems, tools and strategies, please click below to view our current membership options...

Additional Passive Income Options

OK, time for a quick reality check!

While this is a professional stock photography platform, our approach is very much long-term and you shouldn't be coming on board expecting to make quick sales and easy profits.

(If you are, please go back and read the previous sections!)

For most people, GlobalEye is going to be an expense... at least to begin with.

Over time... if you do the work... you'll generate leads and sales, find plenty of new Clients and seriously grow your business.

And the value you get should be many times more than what we charge for access...

But it will take time.

So we're currently setting up a number of built-in revenue options to help cover your initial costs.

I want to be clear... none of these will ever generate huge amounts of cash for you, but they are mostly set-and-forget, and combined they can create an ongoing revenue stream to help cover the cost of your GlobalEye web presence.

All of these will take some visitors AWAY from your GlobalEye website, so they're entirely optional and you can decide which ones you want to activate.

Here are your main revenue options:

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the easiest option. Just save your IDs for our supported Affiliate Networks and we'll automatically place relevant Ad Links & Banners on your website pages. All referrals are tracked to your own account and commissions are paid directly to you.

This includes a number of recurring offers, so a single sign-up could keep making you money for years!

2. Retail Connections

We also give you several options to connect any eCommerce or Fulfillment sites you have. This allows you to direct your GlobalEye visitors to your other accounts to purchase photographic prints, photo products, clothing items...or anything else.

If you're selling it, we can send traffic so you make more sales!

3. Revenue Share Program

This will be a simple option to let us show text links and/or banner ads on some of your pages. Each month we'll publish a detailed earnings report and split the group earnings among all active Member accounts.

We're currently testing this on a small number of accounts to make sure it's going to generate enough revenue to justify the effort.

4. Standalone Projects

A lot of our Members also use their blog to showcase other products or services they offer. It's also useful for promoting new or ongoing projects:

Writers promoting their books

Teachers promoting their courses

Guides promoting their tours

Travel plans & upcoming events

This is where our most innovative photographers are creating some incredible opportunities. So if you have any ideas of your own and you're wondering if GlobalEye might be able to help you get them off the ground, please do reach out.

For the most part though, the real value in all this still comes back to your Personal Client List...

Those proven buyers you connect with through the stock library. Clients who'll keep coming back to you every time they need images of subjects you shoot.

That's money in the bank for a photographer and that's where your primary focus should be!

OK, that's a lot of information for you, but thanks for reading all the way through.

I hope you've got a few ideas on how you can use the GlobalEye platform to showcase your photography and grow your business?

I also hope you've now got a good feel for who we are and why we do things the way we do?

If that's the case it's about to get even better!

Click the button below to discover how you can test drive GlobalEye for yourself before you have to make any lasting decision...

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