Photographers: Start Your Engines!

Photographers: Start Your Engines!

Posted By Admin: 4/7/2016 1:48:48 AM.   Posted To GES / Announcements

OK, it looks like we've got all the bugs and broken links, and everything is looking pretty good. A big thank you to all the Members (and a handful of visitors!) your help with that.

We're basically ready to go now, so we've just added the Social Share buttons to the website, and I'd encourage all Member Photographers to start sharing your own pages on  your social media accounts. Don't over do it, but you should start asking your friends and family to check out your presence here... and ask them to give you a share or two as well!

If you're here as a visitor... by all means... please share anything you see that you think your friends or colleagues might like.

We've got a number of launch promotions scheduled, but it would be really useful to get a bit of social media activity happening first... so any and all help much appreciated!