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December 2018

To whom it may concern,

Welcome to this the Monthly Update for December 2018, to help keep you appraised in brief of the Projects already undertaken which I hope will be of interest to you, or to your organisation.

The total number of images that can be reviewed totals 1103 No. in alphabetical order from countries such as;

Amsterdam / Austria / Brunei / Cambodia / China / Croatia / Cyprus / Czechoslovakia / England / France / Fiji / Germany / Greece / Holland / Hungary / Iceland / Italy / Kenya / Malta / Montenegro / Myanmar / Palau / Philippines / Portugal / Scotland / Singapore / Slovenia / South Korea / Spain / Taiwan / Turkey / Vietnam / Black and White & Other.


Baltic Cruise [Southampton to Saint Petersburg], and;
Germany [Munich and surrounding area], and;
Poland [Birkenhau, Krakow & Warsaw], and;
Japan [Takayama, Shirakawa, Nagano (Snow Monkies) & Nagoya].


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Peter Shepherd