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A New Gallery: Snow Monkeys of Japan Stock Photogr

Posted: 1/21/2019 12:36:12 AM   Page Views: 49   Comments:

I've just posted a new set of photos to my website. Snow Monkeys of Japan is a lightbox of Animals Stock Photography that could be useful for a variety of users.

A 12 image Gallery of the Snow Monkeys of Jigokudani hotspring in Nagano, Japan, or as more commonly known as the Snow Monkey Park.

The Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata) is also known world wide as the snow monkey and is a terrestrial Old World monkey species that is native to Japan. Their name comes from the fact they live in areas where snow covers the ground for several months each year and no other nonhuman primate is more northern-living, or can survive in a colder climate.

Snow Monkeys of Japan Stock Photos

Please look them over and if you think you might be able to use them, please do let me know.