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A New Gallery: Kayaking on the West Coast of Canad

Posted: 1/21/2019 1:49:37 AM   Page Views: 148   Comments:

I've just posted a new set of photos to GlobalEye Stock. Kayaking on the West Coast of Canada is a lightbox of Travel Stock Photography that could be useful for a variety of users.

The West Coast of Canada has some of the best sea kayaking in the world whether in the form of short paddling for a few hours in Burrard Inlet or multi-day camping trips through the islands and channels in Clayoquot Sound, North of Tofino on Vancouver Island. There are some skills to master and a need for some caution but the stunning beauty makes it well worthwhile.

Kayaking on the West Coast of Canada Photography

Please look them over and if you think you might be able to use them, please let me know.