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NEWSLETTER No.9 Travel Tourism Photography

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January 2019

To whom it may concern,

To celebrate the new year and the milestone of 1250 images a further 10% discount to that already included in the Price calculator will be offered to the first five customers quoting - NEWSLETTER No.9

Welcome to this the Monthly Update for January 2019, to help keep you appraised in brief of the Projects already undertaken which I hope will be of interest to you, or to your organisation.

The total number of images that can be reviewed now totals 1259 No. in alphabetical order from countries such as;

Amsterdam / Austria / Brunei / Cambodia / China / Croatia / Cyprus / Czechoslovakia / England / France / Fiji / Germany / Greece / Holland / Hungary / Iceland / Italy / Japan / Kenya / Malta / Montenegro / Myanmar / Palau / Philippines / Portugal / Scotland / Singapore / Slovenia / South Korea / Spain / Taiwan / Turkey / Vietnam / Black and White & Other (Chinese New Year, Animals and Birds, and various Products).

Baltic Cruise [Southampton to Saint Petersburg], and;
Germany [Munich and surrounding area], and;
Poland [Birkenhau, Krakow & Warsaw].

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