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I am passionate about creating images that are naturalistic, honest and of the moment yet incorporate strong design elements. My photographs are produced in both black and white and colour depending on the needs of the composition. My subject matter is influenced by availability and opportunity and can vary from urban, industrial and natural landscapes and subjects to portraits.

I developed my interest in photography over 20 years ago having undertaken photography as part of a graphic design course. My passion for photography was re-ignited 5 years ago when I was involved in photographing a series of images for a body painter that were exhibited in Croatia. With my passion and ongoing commitment to experimenting and developing my photography and an eye for design I offer a unique set of skills and a willingness to try new things.

My European and Australian background has given me opportunities to travel and apply my photography to subject matters that are not your usual tourist snaps.
I have always been drawn to the creative with an interest in architecture, art, design and music, yet I also have a passion for animals and nature. .

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