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The subjects I photograph vary, but I have a lot of images of China from living there for a decade. I also shoot photos of natural landscapes, some winter scenes, wild life, street scenes and cultural artifacts (not necessarily in that order). If the light is right and the textures are interesting, the cameras is out.
What kind of work do I prefer? A lot depends on what's around me, but anything that gets me outside and wandering with a camera is ideal. I love travelling and being outdoors and that has a huge influence on the type of photos I take. For this reason, it's not surprising that I feel most comfortable shooting natural scenes, landscape and botanicals, but I enjoy experimenting. I also love black and white photography.
I would describe my photography as a hunt for light, for contrast, for rich moments or imagery. I like the idea of capturing a moment, or the essence of a place.

I have been taking photos for over three decades, but have only gotten really serious about it in the last few years. I am an educator by trade and for the past ten years I have been working in private International schools in China. While I am a history teacher by training, I have a bit of an art background which led me to teaching a few art courses. That then led to teaching a media arts course with High School students for the past three years of which basic photography is a big part of the curriculum. And if you teach it, you can easily get sucked into it. Living overseas lends itself to easily accessing lots of interesting subjects. I have recently returned to North America, but find I've somehow become seriously addicted to taking photos.

Hiking, travelling, media, art, chess, writing, sea kayaking

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