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Medium Text & Bild: Digital images of people and travel


Lars-Olof Nilsson

  Work Description

Editorial, commercial and stock photography, RM only. Images mainly with a human touch: families, children, work, leisure, beaches, people, travel, education, relationships, culture, conceptual, etc. Europe, particularly Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, UK. USA: California, Death Valley, Utah, Las Vegas.

  Experience & Qualifications

I am a part-time freelance with my own firm, founded in 1990. I am self-taught in photography, but I have taken two university courses, Digital Imaging and Photography – Visual Communication. My photographic library includes both theory and practice from Roland Barthes and Susan Sontag to Martin Evening and George Barr.

  Other Interests

Apart from photography, my interests include music (I play the oboe in a band), languages (I am a copy-editor and translator), intercultural communication and understanding, travelling, trekking and climbing the Alps in southern Europe.


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Medium Text & Bild
Jonkoping  Jonkoping County