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Patrick J Keenan

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I must confess to being a photographer from 'the rich and historic art of film' which generally means I was confined to endless hours of
dark room toil and a massive volume of stored black&white paper images. Ideally the subject of my work has been the humble human going about their much-varied lifestyle both above and below the surface of the oceans. The digital age is finding me struggling to make sense of a completely new world - marketing a series of 35mm chromes was once a straightforward exercise but I guess the 'need' to get a good shot will surpass all generations, so we must tackle the new.

  Experience & Qualifications

My family genes must take a lot of responsibility for instilling the love of imagery in my overall working life. My uncle was a dedicated Kodachrome photographer - I found the blue and green hue of his 'slides' amazing. My brother was fortunate to become involved in television news in the '60's; he spent his working life as news cameraman/editor. It was a natural progression for his children to become journalists and work as such to this day. I commenced formal photographic training but (I regret to say I found the tuition a tad boring) so I branched-out and worked as a freelance and continued that path and toured the world (with the glorious Nikon).

  Other Interests

The fabulous world of film is still very-much alive and doing well in the 21st century. It is a sad tale to see superb Kodak film such as Kodachrome/Ektachrome/Elitechrome disappear from the world market. These impressive colour reversal films (slides) were un-matchable in quality especially in my field of underwater photography. It is still possible to have reversal film processed in Australia but it now takes a week at the commercial lab! Like B&W imagery we know film sales will carry on.


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