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VINOSITAS: wine photo journalist


Joachim A. J. Kaiser

  Work Description

I am specialized in, but not restricted to, photography of landscapes and towns of wine-growing regions, vineyards, vines, wines, vintners and wine business people, events related to wine.
Combination of wine and food - wine & dine - is another of my focuses as photographer.
Photos for tourism on and off the beaten track.
In addition I have a large store of photos from the 1970s to 1990s from all around the world. The world looked quite different at that time.

  Experience & Qualifications

biologist (diploma) including microphotography,
analytical chemist,
consultant for German wine (Deutsches Weininstitut),
wine journalist,
certified expert in environmental protection (water, waste, soil, remediation) and sustainability

  Other Interests

wine, landscape, nature, environmental protection sustainability, water in any form


Email Joachim A. J.
Phone: +49 160 9721 3261 (BH)
Mobile: +49 160 9721 3261
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Geranienstrasse 26
Karlsruhe  Baden-Württemberg  D-76185

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