Active Seniors

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Active Seniors

Playing boule
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Images depicting seniors enjoying an active lifestyle. This photo set is all about happy healthy active seniors enjoying their retirement. The focus is on the people involved, the interactions and their experiences.

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Resources Link: 10 Active Senior Hobbies

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Photo Caption List

1. Grandpa and grandson hiking. Grandfather and grandson hiking through a forest

2. Grandmother and granddaughter. Grandmother and granddaughter playing in the water

3. Grandfather and grandson. Grandfather and grandson having fun in the water

4. Playing boule. Three men playing boule in Antibes, France

5. Woman at the peak of Slovenia's highest mountain. Woman celebrating her 70th birthday at the top of Triglav, highest mountain in Slovenia

6. Man holding pet Siamese cat.. A senior citizen male pensioner holds and interacts with a Siamese cat.

7. Small boy hiking with grandpa. Feeling safe by the side of Grandpa, the little boy is looking forward to adventure round the bend.

8. Man trekking in the mountains. Trekker taking a break looking at panoramic view