Mary River National Park

The wide expanses of Mary River National Park protects part of the Mary River catchment, where floodplains, billabongs, woodlands, paperbark and monsoon forests provide visitors with excellent opportunities for wildlife watching, fishing, four-wheel driving, bushwalking and photography. You are likely to spot prehistoric looking saltwater and freshwater crocodiles, an amazing array of birdlife and an abundance of wildflowers. Not to forget the sunsets are stunning.

Darter sitting in dead tree drying his wing in the evening sun

Picturesque wetland billabong, blue waters, water lilies, blue sky, clouds

Perfect water lilies, light purple

Australian Pelican swimming in wetland billabong

Wetland billabong in late afternoon sun, shades of green, reflections

Saltwater, Estuarine Crocodile sunbathing on Wildman Billabong bank, refelctions

Freshwater Crocodile, Freshie, at Wildman Billabong

Whistling ducks wandering along wetland billabong bank

Buffalo grazing in open woodlands

Wallabies jumping on floodplains

Cockatoos enjoying a shower

Purple sunset over wetland billabong, stunning reflections

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