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About GlobalEye Stock

GlobalEye is a direct contact stock library, where you can deal directly with the photographer for fast, easy access to the photographic content you need.

  • You pay no agency fees or commissions
  • You have direct access, creative-to-creative
  • Expand your own network of image suppliers

Our unique approach lets you build productive relationships with the photographers who shoot the subjects you need, so you can go straight to them any time, saving you time, money and effort in your photo research projects. .

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Recent News

GlobalEye Stock Is Open For Business!

4/11/2016 2:27:42 AM

We're pleased to announce the new website is now open for business.

Unlike most mainstream stock libraries, GlobalEyeStock encourages and facilitates direct contact between photo buyers and photographers, and charges no agency fees or commissions on photo sales through the stock library. We'd rather see that money go to the photographers, who often struggle to get fair and reasonable payment for their work these days.

Financial issues aside though, the major benefits here are productivity and efficiency related for both photo buyers and our photographers... 

Photo buyers can develop working relationships with the photographers who are best able to supply the image content they need. Even to the point where they can by-pass the library research process altogether, and contact the photographers directly as required.

In a similar way, GlobalEye photographers can develop a network of photo buyers who use the subjects they shoot, so they too can contact them directly, when they have great new content or ideas to share.

This new website is the latest addition to the GlobalEye network of stock photography library websites, each offering the same direct contact approach to stock, each with it's own a distinct style and character.

Now that you're here, please take a good look around, maybe check out some fo the 'browse' options if you have the time, and if you like what you see, please give us a share on your preferred social accounts.

Thanks for your help!

Photographers: Start Your Engines!

4/7/2016 1:48:48 AM

OK, it looks like we've got all the bugs and broken links, and everything is looking pretty good. A big thank you to all the Members (and a... [Read More]

Live Testing & Bug Reports

3/25/2016 1:03:00 AM

We're not quite 'open for business' yet, but since you've found us, you are most welcome to look around! We're doing our final... [Read More]

GlobalEyeStock Is Ready For Testing!

3/12/2016 11:42:56 PM

Just a heads up that our new GlobalEyeStock website is finally ready for testing. We've made a lot of changes and incorporated a number of new... [Read More]

Featured Photographers

  • Steve Barnard
    I started with stock photography here in Houston Texas in 1990, since then I have been furtunate to have experienced many oppertunities in the... [Read More]
  • Kamlesh Pillai
    Wildlife and nature photographs from across the world. Passionate about wildlife and also to spread awareness of conserving wildlife and nature... [Read More]
  • Barry Treleaven
    Educator with TafeSA Tonsley Campus Delivery area Advanced Building Experienced Photographer Shooting event groups,weddings,and landscape... [Read More]
  • Jeremy Wood
    My main interests are landscapes, architecture, machinery and nature. I often shoot these subjects from unusual close angles that attempt to express... [Read More]
  • Beverley Kirkby
    I love to photograph the coastal scenes; landscapes, wildflowers, birds, heritage buildings, festivals and craft markets. It amazes me that frequent... [Read More]