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Coombabah Lakelands is a magic Australian bushland with kangaroos, wallabies, koalas and many kinds of birds (some migratory, some local species). All this is just minutes away from a busy city. It is exciting to walk along the many paths and watch the animals, birds and various other creatures come into view.

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1. A path, Coombabah Lakelands, Gold Coast, Australia. This pretty shaded path runs between two swamps at the Combabah Lakelands.

2. Melaleuca trees, Coombabah Lakelands, Gold Coast, Australia. The thin melaeuca trees have their roots in the water. Soft green algae carpet the spaces between the trunks.

3. Wallabies at Coombabah Lakelands, Gold Coast, Australia. The mum with her youngster watched curiously when people approached. Sensing no danger, they would soon continue to munch on some leaves.

4. Coombabah Lakeland, Gold Coast, Australia. The rain pelted down on a thin layer of algae, creating a pool-mirror for the trees.

5. Coombabah Lake, Gold Coast, Australia. The clouds reflect in the water and float among the islets of dense vegetation. It's the late afternoon and the swamp inhabitants are more active; dragonflies with the translucent wings dart about, frogs croak, spoonbills, ibises and other birds feed in the distance.

6. Coombabah Lakelands, Gold Coast, Australia. This photo was taken just after the sunset when the nature became silver green and mysterious.

7. Coombabah Wetlands, Gold Coast, Australia. After the recent rains many parts of the conservation area became submerged in water.

8. Eucaliptus tree, Coombabah Lakelands, Gold Coast, Australia. The tall eucalyptus trees grow in open woodland areas of the reserve. They are a favourite of koalas, which haven't been seen on this occasion.

9. Melaleuca tree, Coombabah, Gold Coast, Australia. A close up of the melaleuca tree growing beside the boardwalk. On the hot summer morning the rain stopped briefly and a chorus of frogs started to compete with a shrill of cicadas.

10. Coombabah wetlands, Qld. This photo was taken at the Coombabah conservation area on the Gold Coast. The sky was clouded but a few patches of blue and filtered sunrays gave the scenery a warm glow.

11. Coombabah Lakelands, Gold Coast, Australia. Just minutes drive from the high rises of Southport is a nature conservation area with a large population of wallabies and kangaroos, koalas and birds. This photo was taken from the boardwalk trailing at the edge of the area.

12. Coombabah Lakelands, Gold Coast, Australia. A track sneaking through the woods ends at the edge of a large swamp. That is a habitat rich with nutrients for many water creatures.