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It is often said that children are the future - but they are just as much the present and in the present. My images of children show them in their own world, just being themselves or mimicking adults. Child photography is both challenging and rewarding. I hope my photos of children will give you a fascinating view into their world. You can see more images of children and other people on my website

Jubilant boy
Happy baby
Smiling girls
Two young girls
Yawning baby

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First Published: 20120522

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Caption List:

1. Girl on a trampoline. Happy girl jumping on a trampoline

2. Small boy looking at rock carvings. Small boy looking at Bronze Age rock carvings

3. Boy with a kitten. Young boy holding a kitten

4. Little girl with funny glasses. Little girl with funny glasses

5. Girl playing the flute. Eleven-year-old girl playing the flute

6. Little girl at electric piano. Small girl playing an electric piano

7. Boy playing a tv game. Boy in a relaxed position playing a tv game

8. Girl doing homework. Eight-year-old girl working on school assignment

9. Little girl trying to open a door. Small girl trying to open the door of an outbuilding

10. Little girl looking at herself in a mirror. Standing on the toilet seat a small girl takes a look at herself in the mirror

11. Jubilant boy. Happy boy on a boat

12. Happiness. Happy little girl

13. Small girl and cat. Little girl looking at a cat sitting on a fence

14. LIttle girl with a tablet computer. Little girl enjoying playing on a tablet computer

15. Small boy waiting in airport departure hall. A long wait before boarding the plane can be boring for a child

16. Girl doing homework on a sofa. Bird's eye view of interior with a young girl studying in a living-room

17. Small girl helping in the kitchen. Little girl doing the dishes

18. Small girl playing with toy bricks. Little girl playing with building bricks

19. Little girl dressed in red at the carnival of Venice, Italy. Little girl in a red dress wearing a columbine mask at the carnival in Venice, Italy

20. Boy doing homework. Boy doing homework at the desk in his room

21. Fastidious little girl. Small child refusing to eat

22. Smiling little girl. Five-year old girl smiling

23. Nine-year old blonde girl. Young girl with brown eyes

24. Little girl smiling at camera. Seven years old girl smiling at camera, backlit

25. Prortrait of a small girl. Portrait of a small girl

26. Girl with uneven teeth. Small girl with uneven teeth

27. Six-year old boy. Six-year old boy

28. Little girl smiling. Smiling little girl

29. Little girl smiling. Three-year-old girl smiling and showing her lingual frenulum by twisting her tongue

30. Smiling eight-year old girl. Eight-year old girl smiling at camera

31. Happy baby. Smiling baby girl

32. Smiling girls. Smiling girls

33. Two young girls. A pair of sisters

34. Happy boy, 18 months old. Smiling boy, 18 months old, with food in his mouth

35. Small girl with a teddy bear. Little girl with a cuddly toy

36. Pensive young girl. Thoughtful young girl in a straw hat

37. Two boys and a statue of Astrid Lindgren. Two small boys paying homage to Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, known all over the world for her children's books about Pippi Longstocking, Karlsson-on-the-Roof, Emil, The Brothers Lionheart, Madicken and others.

38. Nine-year-old girl. Pensive nine-year-old girl

39. Outdoor portrait of a five-year old girl. Five-year-old girl with flower tiara

40. Teething. Seven-month-old baby girl chewing on a plastic spoon due to teething

41. Yawning baby. Small child yawning

42. Portrait of a small boy. Portrait of a three-and-a-half-year-old boy

43. Thoughtful young girl. Pensive young girl in a straw hat

44. Small boy with a cat. Young boy caressing a cat

45. Small girl looking up. Small girl looking up

46. Boy looking out of train window. Young boy looking out of train window

47. Young boy at the stem of a small boat. Young boy at the stem of a pleasure boat

48. Small boy playing with a boat. Little boy playing with a boat on the beach

49. Young girl reading. Young girl reading on a sofa

50. Small boy playing with a ball in the water. Small boy playing with a ball in the water

51. Children playing on a beach. Children jumping in the water by the edge of a lake

52. Jumping into the water. Children jumping into the water

53. Small boy and duck. Little boy looking at duck in water

54. Young boy playing with water fountain. Young boy having fun with nozzles of water fountain

55. Small boy with toy car. Small boy repairing his toy car

56. Litrtle girl looking wistfully at birthday cake. It's hard to have to wait for your sister to come and start cutting the cake

57. Help with homework. Girl helping her little brother with school assignment

58. Girl with cellphone. Young girl with her cellphone, texting or playing on her handheld device

59. Boy on a scooter. Young boy on a scooter

60. Little girl at kitchen table. Small girl colouring letters

61. Little girl drawing. Little girl lying on the floor coloring a drawing

62. Small children crossing street in front of lorry. Children are especially vulnerable in traffic situations because they are not attentive enough and often do not realise the risk they are taking

63. Small girl in traffic danger. Little girl playing in the street

64. Bronze Age rock carvings in Sweden. Small boy fascinated by prehistoric rock carvings in southern Sweden

65. Pensive little girl. Pensive little girl

66. Two boys playing with a toy train. Two boys playing with a toy train

67. Young girl in a living-room. Girl doing homework on a couch

68. Small boy prepared for a hike. A little boy ready for a hike with his brother and parents

69. Little girl walking small dog. A little girl feels big when she has got the responsibility to take the dog for a walk. This feeling is strengthened by their shadows on the wall.

70. Two brothers having fun. Two kid brothers having fun

71. Sister and brother. Sister and brother playing together

72. Young girl at the carnival of Venice, Italy. Young girl masked as a cat at the carnival in Venice, Italy

73. Little girl sulking. Sad girl rubbing her eyes

74. Little girl hula hooping. Girl doing her best to twirl a hula hoop

75. Boy looking through binoculars. Boy on a balcony looking through a pair of binoculars