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This lightbox contains the photographs of skyscrapers and bridges, shipyard, hot house and decorative elements of architecture as seen in Australia, Egypt, Macau, Malaysia, Poland and Singapore.

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First Published: 20121220

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Caption List:

1. The Wave, Gold Coast, Australia. The interesting features of this high rise apartment building in the heart of Broadbeach are the balconies in the shape of flowing waves.

2. Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Suria Shopping Mall in the Petronas Towers is decorated for the Chinese New Year. The elegant boutiques, fitness and medical centre, cinemas, art gallery, cafes and restaurants are housed on the six levels of the contemporary space.

3. The Palm House, Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Australia. The beautiful historic building designed by the German architect in 1875 has a collection of plants from Madagascar on display.

4. A resort, Gold Coast, Queensland. The pictured is one of the high-risers at Broadbeach. Overlooking the ocean sandy beaches it is a residential building and a holiday resort.

5. Oracle tower, Gold Coast, Queensland. The pictured is one of the two Oracle towers in Broadbeach.

6. New Gold Coast, Australia. This silvery mesh is a decorative element of the new building. It seems to be screening the windows from the hot sun.

7. Grand Lisboa, Macau. Grand Lisboa is conveniently located in the heart of the city. The structure is designed to resemble the lotus flower in its upper part and the spherical entertainment area at the bottom. It has fifty four floors, gaming rooms, twelve restaurants and a luxury hotel.

8. The Helix Bridge, Singapore. This steel structure in a shape of a double helix was designed by the Australian and Singapore architects and opened in 2010.

9. The ArtScience Museum, Singapore. Ultramodern design, new building technologies, twenty one galleries for permanent and temporary exhibitions, a terrace with the superb views of the Marina Bay are some of the attributes of this building. On another level the sight of the flower-like structure against the blue sky dazzles with its pleasing form.

10. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The three towers of the Marina Bay Sands are connected at the height of 200 metres with a horizontal beam-like structure. At one end is a viewing platform at the other the Infinity swimming pool.

11. Window reflections, Gold Coast, Australia. The windows of one building reflect a part of the wall of another in the business precinct in Southport. This photo was taken on the sunny winter morning.

12. The cranes, Gdansk shipyard, Poland. This photo was taken from a small ship navigating the Moltawa River.

13. Art Science Museum, Marina Bay, Singapore. The gleaming petals of the flower like structure are of different height and rise some 60 metres high. As the fragment of one of the Salvatore Dali melting clocks sculpture indicates that his is the current exhibition held in the ultra modern galleries.

14. Sky bridge, Broadbeach, Australia. This bridge allows the easy passage from the Jupiter Casino to the Convention Centre in Broadbeach, the Gold Coast suburb.

15. A skylight, Gold Coast, Australia. The idea was to brighten the passage between two buildings but sometimes the eyes wander to what is visible beyond.

16. Q1 building, Gold Coast, Australia. At the time of writing this, Q1 is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. Its pale ocean green structure is in harmony with its environment. Close to the base is the canopy with aluminium clad ribbons that protect the shops and cafes at the ground level.

17. Decorative building design, Gold Coast. A series of green ribs decorate a corner of another new building in Broadbeach. Sculptured forms and interesting colours add to a modern look of that structure.

18. The Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The twin towers look stunning when the sunlight glitters on their glass and steel facades. And only the sunlight can reach their spires at the height of 452 metres.

19. Kurilpa Bridge, Brisbane, Australia. This interesting structure in the inner city allows pedestrians and cyclists to cross the river. The bridge, 470m long was opened in 2009.

20. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia . Siting on a bench in the shade of a tree, just below the Art Gallery and Museum buildings, one can gaze at a picturesque part of the city on the other side of the river.

21. Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland. The view of the Arch building and a part of the artificial Lake Orr was taken from a small bridge on the north western edge of the campus.

22. Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia. Standing on the bank of the Nerang River, the photogapher watched the pearl coloured clouds. The buildings opposite nestled into the space between the water and the sky, sometimes mellow in the afternoon sun, sometimes cold and grey as their glass and steel.

23. New buildings, Southport, Queensland. A part of the residential and commercial area in Southport, this small precinct has some attractive boutiques, cafes and offices. This photograph was taken on the early winter morning.

24. Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. This image was taken at the holiday resort in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula.

25. Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. These columns are set up in a part of immaculately kept grounds. When the sun shines on them a visitor is reminded of the Egyptian temples but at hight they turn into the pillars of light. The result is spectacular.

26. Casino Lisboa, Macau. The pictured is a roof of one of the casino buildings. Its construction resembles a frilly skirt of a ballerina.

27. Casino Lisboa complex, Macau. The round building in the complex is the oldest part dating from the 1970s. Over the years the new building were added to create one of the largest casinos.

28. Manufaktura, Lodz, Poland. Open in 2006, this shopping centre was built on the grounds of the Poznanski's textile factory. The red brick buildings were restored and incorporated into a novel complex.