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The images here intend to show only some of the city's highlights. Sitting on the east coast of Australia and on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the Gold Coast is a favourite tourist destination. It is known for its climate, great beaches, eye catching high rises, parks, leafy suburbs by the canals and the picturesque hinterland. The city is also home to arts, universities, modern hospitals and shopping centres. .

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First Published: 20140414

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Caption List:

1. Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia. A dramatic view of the evening sky and skyscrapers in Surfers Paradise was taken from the bank of the Nerang River near the Arts Centre

2. Burleigh Heads Reserve, Gold Coast, QLD. An early evening at the Burleigh Heads Reserve; people go there to cool down after a hot day, rest or watch the last of the surfers playing in the water.

3. The Soul, Surfers Paradise, QLD. The Soul is a seventy seven stories high residential structure that was built on the site where the Raptis Plaza once stood, and it was completed in 2012.

4. On the beach, Gold Coast, Australia. This photo has been taken in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast.

5. Gold Coast, QLD. A photo of yachts and the Southport high-rises have been taken from one of the Marina Mirage buildings.

6. Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia. A view of the Surfers Paradise buildings from the Macintosh Island bridge.

7. On the beach, Gold Coast, Australia. This photo has been taken in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast.

8. Lifeguards Watch Tower, Surfers Paradise. The pictured watch tower is one of many standing along the Gold Coast beaches. From them the lifeguards can monitor swimmers, surfers and other activities on the beach

9. Chairs on the beach, Gold Coast, QLD. The rows of pictured chairs looked a little surreal on the sunny beach.

10. Nightfall on CG, Queensland. Before the darkfall a few boats with tourists cruise along the river and the canals. One such beat is gleaming white on the waters of the river.

11. Coombabah wetlands, Qld. This photo was taken at the Coombabah conservation area on the Gold Coast. The sky was clouded but a few patches of blue and filtered sunrays gave the scenery a warm glow.

12. Water lilies, Gold Coast, QLD. This photo was taken in the early afternoon. The pale pink flowers and their glossy leaves looked spectacular in the full sun.

13. GC skyscrapers and Ferris Wheel, QLD. The pictured is an early evening view of the high rise buildings and Ferris Wheel in Surfers Paradise.

14. Marina Mirage, Gold Coast, QLD. A variety of luxury yachts pictured here are moored at the spectacular waterfront of Marina Mirage.

15. Southport, Gold Coast, QLD. The pictured in one of the Southport Central residential buildings.

16. Southport, Gold Coast, QLD. The pictured is the view of the Southport high rises and the Sundale Bridge taken from the Seaworld Drive.

17. Golden Penda, Gold Coast, QLD. A single cluster of the Golden Penda flowers can reach a diameter of about fifteen centimetres.

18. A tree, Advancetown Lake, Gold Coast. The tree is growing a narrow wedge of the land cutting into the waters of the lake. The photo was taken on a partly cloudy morning

19. The state forest, Gold Coast. While strolling along the top edge of the Hinze Dam one can admire not only the impressive structure of the dam but also the woodlands that surrounding the man made lake. The photo was taken on a partly cloudy morning.

20. The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise, QLD. The pictured is a part of the Esplanade in the hearth of Surfers Paradise and looking towards the Main Beach.

21. Q1, Gold Coast, Queensland. Just Q1, a glass clad in ocean green skyscraper raises seventy eight floors above ground. Its SkyPoint observation deck at the highest two levels provides the visitors with the extensive views of the landscape in the radius of about eighty kilometres

22. Pink Poodle Motel, Gold Coast, Queensland. The sign was installed in 1967 when the original motel was built. It is still a favourite of the locals and visitors, some of whom may still remember the sign in its previous setting.

23. Gold Coast evening view, QLD.

24. Kookarurra, Gold Coast, Queensland. In the evening when the sun is about to leave the sky birds come to the garden to drink. The pictured kookaburra is not one of the regulars but I was lucky my camera was at hand.

25. Surfers Paradise, Australia. The daylight already retreated and the evening sky was darkening over the city. This image was taken from one of more picturesque and popular recreation spots by the river.

26. Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland. A poinciana tree spread its branches on the shore of the Lake Orr. The colour of its flowers adds a splash of fiery red to the landscape.

27. Agapanthus, Gold Coast, Queensland. Early in the morning a small moth arrived and started to feed on a dewy interior of a tubular flower.

28. Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland. The pictured are the Student Administration building and the cafeteria under the sails.

29. Peacock, Gold Coast, Queensland. This photo was taken at one of the local parks.

30. Lorikeets, Gold Coast, Queensland. The two pairs of rainbow lorikeets are taking bath on a hot summer evening.