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Unlike traditional conceptual images these are unstaged and therefore much more natural-looking. The images in this lightbox are all vertical and thus suitable for magazine and book covers. Many of them have ample copy space for text. Among concepts included are faith, hope, love, energy, aspiration, parenthood, friendship, joy, calm, leisure, loneliness, old age, time, communication, adventure, vigilance, industry and others.

Woman at night
City and nature
Couple at dusk
Young love
Young family
Jubilant boy
Bridal boquet
Man on a beach
Acetylene lamp
Burning candle
Satellite dish
Bell tower
Derelict house
House on a hill
Lonely house
Pulp mill
Palm tree trunk
Painters gear
Bunch of keys
Modern kitchen

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First Published: 20140603

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Caption List:

1. Small figures under a tree. Silhouetted figures under a tree

2. Woman at night. Woman walking at night

3. Man looking out of window. Lonely man looking out of window

4. City and nature. The branches of a tree against a highrise building

5. Church tower in the evening. Church tower against dramatic evening sky

6. Sunset glow over a small town on a hill. Dramatic evening clouds above a church tower on a hill

7. Heavy smoke from a process industry. Heavy smoke from a process industry

8. Full moon and clouds. Full moon and a cloudy sky

9. Couple at dusk. Couple talking by the sea in the evening

10. Young couple in Stockholm. A pair of young tourists in the Old Town of Stockholm, Sweden, taking a photo with a cellphone

11. Young love. Affectionate young couple in the courtyard of an old castle in Italy

12. Young family. Young couple with baby

13. Father with small baby. Father holding small baby with dummy in its mouth

14. Walking with grandpa. Small boy walking with his grandfather

15. Blonde woman in Naples, Italy. Blonde woman with small dog in Naples, Italy

16. Photographing with a mobile phone. Young woman taking a picture with her cellphone

17. Mother with baby at her breast. Mother with baby at her breast

18. Girl playing the flute. Eleven-year-old girl playing the flute

19. Jubilant boy. Happy boy on a boat

20. Little girl looking at herself in a mirror. Standing on the toilet seat a small girl takes a look at herself in the mirror

21. Cherry blossoms and a woman in a pink dress. Young woman wearing a pink dress admiring the cherry blossoms in the Kungstradgarden park in Stockholm, Sweden

22. Young people having a picnic. A group of young people having a picnic in a park

23. Barbecue in a park. Young couple having picnic in a park

24. Couple relaxing on a beach. Couple relaxing on a Mediterranean beach

25. Man with an umbrella. Man with an umbrella on a table surrounded by water

26. Elderly man walking with a crutch. Difficulty of walking in old age

27. Woman putting a letter into a letterbox. Tourist putting a letter in a mailbox

28. Small boy looking at rock carvings. Small boy looking at Bronze Age rock carvings

29. Bridal boquet. Bride holding wedding bouquet

30. Shadows of a couple. Shadows of a couple holding hands

31. Trekkers in the alps. Trekkers in the Slovenian mountains

32. Mountaineers. Mountain climbers on their way to Triglav, highest peak in Slovenia

33. Mountain trekkers. Couple on a peak in the alps

34. Relaxing by the sea. Woman in a sun chair on the beach

35. Man on a beach. Man reading a newspaper on the beach

36. Small family by the sea. Small family with child in a bathing ring in the water

37. Woman on a beach. Woman on a sunchair on the beach

38. Parasols. Parasols

39. No swimming today. Cloudy and rainy and the beach is deserted

40. Woman on a beach. Woman lying on beach in Nice, France, airplane in the sky

41. Couple sitting on a beach. A couple in NIce, France, looking out at the Mediterranean

42. Holidaymaker relaxing with a book. Reading a good book on the beach

43. Small boat in the Mediterranean. Small boat in the Mediterranean

44. Man in a small boat preparing for a fishing trip. Man in a small leisure boat preparing for a fishing trip

45. Nordmole lighthouse in Travemunde, Germany. Lighthouse Nordmole at the entrance to the harbour at Travemunde, Germany

46. Small lighthouse in the Baltic sea. The Swede Gustaf Dalén invented the sun valve and automatic regulators used with gas accumulators in lighthouses. He started the company AGA and also invented the AGA cooker.

47. Crows nest on a sailship. Crows nest in the upper part of the mainmast of a sailing ship

48. Contrails in the sky. Contrails, condensation of water vapour from airplane engines

49. Cross at the top of Mount Krizevac, Medjugorje, Hercegovina. Sunrise behind the cross at the top of Mount Krizevac, Medjugorje, Hercegovina

50. White painted anchor. Anchor on the deck of a 19th century steamship

51. Heart with initials carved in the bark of a birch tree. As a sign of love, someone has carved a couple's initials in a love heart

52. Grand Central Teminal clock in a hotel in Hungary. Grand Central Terminal clock in Hungarian hotel reception

53. Weathervane. Weathervane or weathercock

54. Alpine chough in flight. Yellow-billed chough with outstretched wings

55. Acetylene lamp. Acetylene (carbide) lamp formerly used in mines.

56. Burning candle. One candle burning in the dark

57. The Italian flag. The Italian flag

58. Bullet holes in monastery wall. Bullet holes in monastery wall from the war in former Yugoslavia

59. Ivy on a house wall. The wall of a house in Florence, Italy, covered in ivy

60. Satellite dish. Parabolic antenna on the wall of a building in Croatia

61. Small balcony in Italy. Small balcony in an Italian town

62. Bell tower. Church bell tower

63. The Scaliger Castle at Sirmione, Italy. Tower at the Scaliger Castle, Sirmione, Italy

64. Lake Garda and the Scaliger Castle at Sirmione, Italy. Tower at the Scaliger Castle, Sirmione, Lago di Garda, Italy

65. Pavement in a narrow street in Padua, Italy. Pavement in a narrow street in Padua, Italy

66. Window recess in Vadstena Castle, Sweden. Interior of Vadstena Castle, one of the best preserved renaissance castles in Sweden. In the 16th century, window recesses were the natural place to sit.

67. Alley in the Old Town, Stockholm, Sweden. Covered alleyway in the Old Town, Stockholm, Sweden

68. Narrow alley in Labin, Croatia. Paving-stones in a narrow alley in the small town of Labin, developed from the Roman settlement Albona

69. Narrow alley in Florence, Italy. Narrow alley in Florence, Italy

70. Elderly lady carrying heavy bags up steps. Elderly lady carrying heavy bags up steps

71. Beware of the dog. Beware of dog

72. Organ player practising. Organist practising in a church

73. Porthole of a ship. View of the ocean through the porthole of a ship

74. Window and snow-covered roof. A thick layer of snow almost covering a window

75. Small church on a hill. The church of Saints Primoz and Felicijan near the village of Kropa in Slovenia

76. Derelict house. Abandoned and derelict house

77. House on a hill. House with a Swedish gambrel roof

78. Vineyards in Slovenia. Vineyards in the Dolenska region in Slovenia

79. Farmhouses and field. Farm and green field in Sweden

80. Riverside villa in the city of Padua, Italy. Riverside villa in the city of Padua, Italy

81. Lonely house. Lonely house at the foot of a wooded hill

82. Country road in southern Sweden. Narrow gravel road in rural area in south Sweden

83. Pulp mill. Pulp mill in southern Sweden

84. Palm tree trunk. Trunk of a palm tree

85. Painters gear. Painters ladder and gear

86. Bunch of keys. A bunch of keys hanging on a wall

87. Mask of Beethoven. Mask of Beethoven

88. Young woman on a couch seen from above. Lonely young woman on a couch seen from above

89. Oldest vine in the world. The Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world. Over 400 years old, it still bears grapes.

90. Beehive made of straw. This type of beehive is called a skep. Skeps have been used for 2000 years, but until the Middle Ages they were wicker baskets lined with mud and dung. The image was taken at Skansen outdoor museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

91. A 1958 bottle of Italian wine. A wicker bottle of Italian wine from Casteller, Trento, 1958

92. Modern kitchen. Modern Italian kitchen

93. Wine bottle and glasses. A bottle of red wine and two glasses in a restaurant in Italy

94. Pleasure-boats at sunset. Pleasure-boats at Mediterranean sunset

95. Stockholm skyline at sunset. Towers of Stockholm City Hall and the Riddarholmen Church at sunset

96. Sunset and power-line pylon. Power transmission against the backdrop of a sunset. Solar energy, a source of power

97. Sunset over a lake. Tree and sunset on a lake

98. Photographer and sunset. Photographer taking an image of a sunset