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New Zealand is a great travel destination with its mountains, alpine vegetation, lakes, fjords and clear streams cascading down the slopes. Nature is incredibly beautiful; in the park like Zealandia one can admire the native flora and fauna; in Rototua the geysers, hot springs and historic buildings. The cities are easy to visit on foot, people are friendly, and food and coffee are great.

A cruise ship's

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1. Sulphur deposits, Rotorua, New Zealand. Sulphur crystals deposits on the rocks on the geyser's terraces.

2. A cruise ship's communication mast. Legend of the Seas, cruise ship and its communication mast

3. Clouds formation, Pacific Ocean. A pattern of steaming clouds on the late afternoon sky.

4. Geyser terrace, Rotorua, New Zealand. Sulphur crystals are being deposited on the rocks from the Geyser in a continuous process called accretion.

5. Geyser terrace, Rotorua, New Zealand. Geyser spewing steam.

6. Hot springs, Rotorua, New Zealand. A hot spring with the geyser's steam floating above

7. Blue Bath, Rotorua, New Zealand. The blue swimming pool inside the 1933 art deco pavilion now used for various social and private functions, Rotorua Government Gardens, New Zealand

8. Gardener's Cottage, Rotorua, NZEA. This Victorian style Gardener's Cottage was built in 1899 for the head gardener.

9. Government Gardens, Rotorua, New Zealand. On the grounds of the Government Gardens are a few ornamental ponds surrounded by the native trees, shrubs and flowers.

10. Government Gardens, Rotorua, New Zealand. A gazebo in the beautiful Government Gardens

11. The Bath House, Rotorua, NZEA. The image is of the old Bah House and the Museum, Government Gardens in Rotorua, New ZEaland

12. The Prince's Gate, Rotorua, New Zealand. The Prince's Arch and Gateway, Government Gardens at Rotorua in New Zealand. It was erected in 1901 to mark the visit of King George V and Queen Mary.

13. T&G Building, Napier, New Zealand. T&G building (Temperance General Insurance Company) was finished in 1935, and it is one of the most interesting structures in Napier. Its current use - the exclusive penthouse holiday apartments. The cars are also from the 1930s.

14. Hawke's Bay Chambers, Napier, New Zealand. The building of the Sainsbury Logan & Williams Lawyers firm comes from 1875 and was restored in Art Deco style after the 1931 earthquake. It is now registered by the NZEA Historic Places Trust.

15. The Six Sisters houses, Napier, New Zealand. The pictured Victorian villas were built by a wealthy businessman for his six daughters on Marine Parade.

16. A music band, Napier, New Zealand. This group of musicians, playing the 1930s pieces came to the Napier port to say goodbye to the ship.

17. Wellington, New Zealand. A city panorama as seen from the Wellington Cruise Terminal.

18. Wellington panorama, New Zealand. The Wellington cable car takes one to the Mt Victoria Lookout. From there stretches an extensive view of the city.

19. The vintage cars, Napier, New Zealand. The old cars were brought to the port to say goodbye to the passengers of a departing ship, the Legend of the Seas. Such cars are a great tourist attraction and can be hired for touring of the hospitable city.

20. Zealandia, Wellington, New Zealand. Zelandia is an eco-sanctuary with many native flora and fauna species located two kilometers west of the town.

21. La Belle Villa, Akaroa, New Zealand. La Belle Villa was built in 1874 in a style called Carpenter Gothic. It is surrounded but a beautiful flower garden.

22. Akaroa Bay, New Zealand. Akaroa means Long Harbour in Maori language. These waters are a home to many marine species, among them the rare Hectors Dolphin, New Zealand fur seals and colonies of penguins.

23. The Lighthouse, Akaroa, New Zealand. The lighthouse was originally placed at the Akaroa Head (1880), then moved to the present position a hundred years later. The light flashes can be seen for some 23 miles in good weather.

24. Fjordland National Park, New Zealand. Milford Sound, a photo taken from the back of the ship